We manage your mobile user acquisition needs at scale. Adopting a unique approach on the market mixing many mobile traffic sources in real time, we are able to drive massive amount of quality users to your apps! Our technology ensures the performance that matters to your business. Reach billions of Android & iOS users in Asia, Europe, Africa, US and Latin America.


Pay only per Install (CPI)

We manage many traffic acquisition sources, native, programmatic and mobile web. No need to rely on impressions & clicks, you pay only per install on a Cost per Install basis.


Because installs are good, but performance is better. We analyze actions, optimising towards your business’ KPIs thanks to our own technology, because what you need are not just install but cab rides, food delivery orders and whatever are your business goals.


We do everything that’s not a game. We have a strong experience in Classifieds, Tools, Shopping, Travel & Dating.


We provide a personal dashboard to monitor your campaigns in real time. You will see new users flowing in and, most of all, actions that grow your revenues.


You can get your campaign running on our platform in a few hours. All you have to do is get in touch with us and use one of the most common attribution technologies on the market. We are already integrated with AppsFlyer, Adjust, MobileAppTracking and Kochava.



What we do

Every app needs users. We do provide an user base for your app or mobile service. We have created a strong network of native programmatic traffic that will drive lots of users to your app on both Android and iOs.

We deliver worldwide 100% non incentivized users on CPI basis, with a focus on the fastest growing areas of the planet.


We want to create a better mobile ecosystem, by letting our partners focus on their core, crafting beautiful apps. We do manage all the user acquisition needs, working with the best partners for mobile analytics and attribution.


We have a strong experience in online advertising and mobile systems. We have started working in mobile user acquisition since the beginnings of the mobile ecosystem that is now blooming.

We have created a solid technological platform that can scale up to satisfy all your needs. We work worldwide from the most beautiful place in the world, Italy.

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