Mobile App Marketing Made Easy

Our expertise in artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms enables us to generate post-install events & sales inside apps, at scale

Experience in mobile advertising

We are a team of software engineers & marketers with over 50 years of combined experience in mobile advertising technology. After running thousands of campaigns, our customer success team has developed a solid mobile marketing know-how.

They can help you with:

Planning, forecasting


First 6 weeks

We activated 10 traffic channels

CPI campaign, around 2000 installs + 300 sales

Kpi definition & Budget Allocation


1 month

Our algorithm optimized the traffic channels improving Conversion Rates

CPA campaign, 5000 installs, 1600 sales in 2 months

We reduced the CPA by 30%



1 month

Our algorithm optimized spending in order to maximize sales

1460 sales per month

We almost doubled the number of conversions per month

We play by the rules

As mobile experts we are committed to respect data integrity and privacy:

  • Adjust
  • GDPR
  • Privacy shield
  • Comodo Secure EV SSL

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