Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mapendo gets me new users for my mobile application?

We have been building a strong network of web traffic since a few years. We aggregate RTB networks to buy traffic that converts well into new users for your mobile apps. Our network is made up of users who are looking to discover and use your app. Additionally we are partnering with many publishers to spread your app on their sites & apps.

What do I need to start?

A mobile app for Android or iOs is the only thing you need to start. If you are looking for a good ways to measure your new users and their quality you could also rely on a tracking attribution partners, such the ones we already work with, listed on our home page.

Are the new users incentivized?

Incentivized users are the ones who get some kind of reward for installing your app. Those users are interested in the reward, not your app. The users you get through our network are NEVER incentivized, instead they are really interested in using your services (and eventually buying from you).

How much does it cost?

We offer competitive costs. Pricing is determined mainly by the category of your app, the number of new users you want to get each day and the geo target you would work with.

How do I check the quality of the new users I get through Mapendo?

Our users are never incentivized. We already work with many partners that assure you good retention ratios and user monetisation. Have a look at the list of the partners we work with on our home page.