We take care of the campaigns from beginning to end

All we need is: goals, creatives and budget. We can set up an app install campaign in a few minutes and keep you constantly updated with results.

How we manage campaigns

Strategy and Launch

Our data science team and our account managers analyze your goals, KPIs and  budget. We carefully plan each step of the campaign and in just a few minutes we can kick it off.

Optimization and Scale

After collecting insights and data, we optimize every step of the user funnel to reach your goals. We let our algorithms learn, optimize and scale as they gather more and more data. 

Improvement and reporting

We communicate the results of the campaign on a weekly, monthly or custom basis. Depending on your KPIs, we prepare graphs and tables to visualize the campaign’s progression and the steps needed to increase scalability.

Make the most out of your creative

  • We analyze your creative's success and help you find what works best.
  • We run A/B testing and find relevant insights.
  • We don't increase CPI or CPA when we test creatives.
  • Our technology analyzes different parameters to find new patterns that are relevant to your User Acquisition strategy.

You can take their word for it.

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