User Acquisition For Fintech Apps

Mapendo Team
March 30, 2022
User Acquisition For Fintech Apps

Fintech Apps represent a growing vertical, which saw a huge increase in downloads and revenues since the pandemic started in 2020. This app category includes payment apps, investment apps and banking apps

The digital transformation, accelerated by the pandemic, has changed the way people engage with financial institutions and has led to a massive growth in fintech apps’ downloads, especially in emerging markets where there were millions of people without a bank account. New downloads are expected to reach almost 3 billions in 2023, thanks to a global Ad Spend above $4 billions

Revenues for fintech apps will exceed one million dollars by 2023, driven by neobanks, which are an effective alternative to traditional retail banks for consumers without high credit scores and which provide excellent custom features. 

Although emerging markets are driving the fintech apps’ growth, China and United States still have the biggest market share by revenues, combining more than $800M in 2021 alone. 

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