We reach the right high-quality users and help you scale

By combining programmatic advertising, artificial intelligence and a team of experienced campaign managers, we perform strong User Acquisition campaigns.

The Mapendo Process

1. Learn

At the beginning of the campaigns our algorithms gather data on a massive scale and find useful insights about users behaviours, targeting and more.

During the learning phase, our A.I. is also focused on testing to see which creative performs better and where.

2. Optimize

After the first learning phase our algorithms can take important and unbiased decisions to target the right users who have high LTV and drive in-app revenues.

In the second phase, our programmatic campaign starts a wide user acquisition process.

3. Scale

After the first two phases, our algorithms start scaling and dramatically improve your app performances.

In this phase our A.I. platform leverages on all of our data to reach a tailored audience that will interact with your app.

We take brand safety seriously


Our A.I. checks and filters each ad space before the bid is placed in an auction to guarantee your creatives land on the best site or apps possible for your goals.

High Quality Supply

We serve your ads only on quality websites. We provide full transparency and we do not show your brands on low quality verticals like porn, betting, gambling, and children’s apps/platforms.


As fraud continuously evolves we are best in class in suppressing all suspicious traffic. We are also fully compliant with the best third party anti-fraud services.

Meet your ROAS

  • Maximize the number of post-install actions and sales.
  • Optimize User Retention and engagement within your apps.
  • Monitor the Return on investment and Ad Spend in real time.
  • Get custom reporting, suggestions and day-by-day communication.

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