User Acquisition For Shopping Apps

Mapendo Team
March 29, 2022
User Acquisition For Shopping Apps

While the pandemic will one day become a distant memory, its impact on mobile commerce is irreversible with a global paradigm shift towards shopping apps. Users have now fully embraced mobile commerce, which represents more than half of the total e-commerce market. According to Data.Ai, people are going to spend more than 100 billion hours using shopping apps in 2023, generating sales for $5 trillion. 

As a consequence, advertisers are riding the wave of mobile commerce, focusing their mobile user acquisition on App Install Campaigns and Programmatic Advertising. The global Ad Spend for shopping apps is poised to reach $5.4 billion and the United States represents the biggest market, attracting a third of the global spend for user acquisition campaigns for shopping apps.

iOS 14.5 marked the end of the IDFA as we knew it, and this revolutionary update was the turning point for the app marketing ecosystem. However, after a slight drop in iOS paid installs, due to rising costs and limited optimization capabilities, marketers are adjusting to the recent changes and both installs and Ad Spend for shopping apps are increasing again. The US claims the biggest market share, followed by Brazil. 

Meanwhile, Android saw an increase in budget following the uncertainty related to Apple’s updates. Brazil has the leading market share so far, ahead of India, Indonesia, Russia and United States. Also, overall growth is more widespread around the world on android compared to iOS. 

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The State Of Shopping Apps In 2022

In 2021, shopping apps sales exceeded an incredible $359.32 billion, up 15.2% from 2020. This is forecasted to more than double to $728.28 billion by 2025! By then Shopping apps are estimated to account for 44.2% of all retail ecommerce sales in the US.