User Acquisition For Mobile Games

Mapendo Team
March 23, 2022
User Acquisition For Mobile Games

Mobile Games represent the biggest vertical in mobile user acquisition in every key metric. New downloads are skyrocketing as shown in the chart below and are poised to reach 90 billion in 2022. 

At the same time consumer spend is constantly increasing and mobile games' revenue were 67% of the total app revenue in 2021 and this percentage is going to increase in 2022.

China leads the way for in-app revenue, accounting for more than 40% of the global gaming app earnings. The United States stands in second place with 30%. Japan, South Korea and Germany complete the top 5 countries per mobile games' revenue. 

Acquire High-Quality Users

  • Creative Rotation: rotate all ad formats such as native, video, interstitial and playable ads
  • Creative A/B Testing: leverage creative A/B tests in order to identify the best-performing ads
  • Creative Optimization: take advantage of machine learning to optimize and personalize ads based on the most effective targeting options

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