User Acquisition For Agencies

Mapendo Team
December 18, 2023
User Acquisition For Agencies

Programmatic DSP for ROI-driven user growth

Leverage our machine learning powered platform to scale your clients’ user acquisition campaigns. Our proprietary OpenRTB bidder helps acquire high-quality users while ensuring full transparency and brand-safety. 

Programmatic solution for your clients’ campaigns

Mapendo’s fully managed DSP buys ad placements from premium programmatic ad exchanges, providing mobile apps with new users worldwide. Full transparency and brand safety are ensured by our team of mobile app marketing experts, who take care of every app campaign from start to finish. We offer complete support, insightful reports and ensure the highest quality performance.

ROI-driven app campaigns powered by machine learning

Every campaign is automatically optimized towards the clients’ KPIs such as ROI, retention rate, CPI, CPA, etc. ML algorithms adjust traffic acquisition in real time, while monitoring budget spend, impressions and clicks according to your clients’ requests. By unlocking the power of contextual targeting, Mapendo’s platform helps brands reach their ideal audiences, even post-IDFA. Last but not least, we support SKAdNetwork and deliver high-quality SKAN conversions. 

High-impact creatives dynamically optimized towards ROI 

We provide users with tailored experiences, generating dynamic ads based on user engagement data. Our platform builds effective multi-page ad units, by combining video ads, playables and static or dynamic end cards. By automatically testing 1000+ different combinations in real time, our highly-engaging creatives are optimized to drive user engagement and ROI. Adding SKOverlay to the mix, we bring unmatched results to iOS campaigns. 

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