A.I. powered platform

Our platform helps app developers boost their user acquisition efforts and delivers quality and high-LTV users


Actions generated by Artificial Intelligence

Jenga is our proprietary AI powered CPA optimizer. By combining programmatic media buying, user profiling and massive scale with our A.I. based optimization engine we're able to deliver results on a CPA basis to your campaign. Jenga drives your campaign towards a positive ROI, while gaining massive volumes of conversions.

Real User

Stop fraudolent installs and activity

As mobile experts we understand the environment we operate in, and have developed technology solutions to ensure:

True conversions


All Sales generated are delivered through true conversions. We score traffic using our proprietary Machine Learning system.

Premium traffic


We have a premium service, that guarantees our traffic.

Realtime Anti-Fraud


As Fraud continuously evolves, we are constantly working to improve our systems and filter out the bad guys.

Traffic scale in the last month


Traffic Reach

Mapendo reaches every day more than 120 million of users in the most mature mobile markets (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, IN), and across the world.


Quality at scale

More than 150,000 mobile sale actions delivered every day through our intelligent algorithms.


Massive (Quality) Supply

Verticals → no porn, no gambling, no betting, no children.

Our dashboard

Real-time feed of your CPA-optimized user acquisition campaigns. Shareable campaign performance stats & report.

Case Study

Photo printing app

A Photo printing app was looking to increase their sales in Europe through their iOS app.



First 6 weeks

We activated 10 traffic channels

CPI campaign, around 2000 installs + 300 sales



4 more weeks

Our algorithm optimized the traffic channels improving Conversion Rates

CPA campaign, 5000 installs, 1600 sales in 2 months

We reduced the CPA by 30%



4 more weeks

Our algorithm optimized spending in order to maximize sales

1460 sales per month

We almost doubled the number of conversions per month