We help apps acquire high quality users with A.I.

Powered by Machine Learning, managed by a team of advertising specialists.

Trusted by the leading apps

Grow your user base with programmatic

Generate post-install events and revenue, at scale.
Artificial Intelligence Driven
Our own proprietary technology collects, analyses and interprets data on a large scale.
Get results, not just numbers
Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms enables us to generate post-install events & sales inside apps, at scale.
We are a performance-based platform
We work with fixed CPI and CPA models, the risk is on us and you will pay only for valuable results.
Customer centric tech company
Our team is composed of advertisers, engineers and marketers with more than 50 years of experience combined.

We are a fully managed DSP

  • To run app install campaigns, we only need: budget, goals and creatives.
  • Our campaign management team takes care of the whole process: from testing to optimizing and scaling.
  • We analyze results and send custom reports of the campaigns weekly, monthly or whenever your team needs it.
  • Let us grow your app and help you reach results, save money and scale

Improve your ROAS

  • Reach the right users at the right time with a powerful targeting technology.
  • Scale your app user base with high quality users.
  • We rotate creatives and perform A/B testing to assess what works best.
  • Our technology yields solid results from day one and improves over time.

Obtain results with our Technology

Our A.I. finds simple solutions for complex problems.

Fully Automated

Our tech platform for growth is fully programmatic and gives high scalability to your app install campaigns.


Privacy has been our core value since our foundation and this is why we rely on signals using non personal data rather than IDs to target our audience.


Our algorithms gather data and optimize the campaign daily in order to achieve your performance goals and increase your ROAS.


You can take their word for it.

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