Ad Network

Mapendo Team
June 10, 2022

In the mobile app marketing ecosystem, there are different parties involved in the process of media buying and advertising, and one of these is ad networks.

  1. What is an ad network;
  2. Mobile ad network;
  3. What you need to know about mobile ad networks.


What is an ad network

An ad network is a bridge between publishers and advertisers, a platform that manages the exchange of ad inventory between publishers and advertisers in an app install campaign. An ad network collects ad inventory from publishers to find the right match with the advertisers’ needs.

Advertisers, who make use of ad networks to run an app install campaign, can set some basic requirements, such as their budget, target, and other parameters in the campaign; then, based on such criteria, an ad network determines the most suitable fit among the integrated publishers.

Within the broader concept of ad networks, there are different types of networks advertisers and publishers can opt for, depending on the budget available for the app install campaign, the users they want to target, and the type of ad. For example, a specialized ad network is one specialized in a particular type of ad (such as videos), while others offer all different types of ads (videos, banners, native ads, etc.), which are normally used in any app install campaign. Together with this, there are also premium ad networks, working only with a limited, niche number of high-quality publishers; conversely, a horizontal ad network can partner with a broader range of publishers, thus offering higher scalability and reach.


Mobile ad network

Ad networks are a key part in the process of media buying of every app install campaign, as they link advertisers – clients, app developers seeking to advertise their app – and publishers – the ones selling ad spaces to advertisers.

An ad network brings advantages both for publishers and advertisers. Publishers can benefit from using an ad network as it allows them to enlarge their reach and audience, as well as produce income faster; indeed, an ad network is also a facilitator from a practical commercial point of view, allowing for faster transactions. Together with this, an ad network is also an important tool for publishers in connecting them with more potential clients (advertisers) in search of ad space for their app install campaign.

On the other hand, the advantages for advertisers coming from the use of an ad network include the broadening of audience and publishers and, consequently, increased incomes and ROI. This is made possible by the fact that an ad network can provide the most profitable match between publishers and advertisers. Lastly, ad networks are important also because, without them, publishers would need to manually negotiate with each advertiser in each different app install campaign.


What you need to know about mobile ad networks

  • An ad network is a link between publishers and advertisers involved in the process of media buying over the course of any app install campaign; 
  • An ad network collects ad inventory and facilitates the negotiation between publishers - selling ad space - and advertisers, app developers wanting to advertise their product;
  • Advertisers can set some requirements (budget, ad type, target) and an ad network will find the most suitable match with the right publisher;
  • There are different types of ad networks, for example, those working with all different ad formats, those ad networks specialized in a particular ad type, or premium ad networks, only working with high-end publishers;
  • Working with an ad network is important for publishers because it allows them to monetize all their digital ad placements; 
  • An ad network is also essential for advertisers since it can connect them with a higher number of publishers and provide them with a faster way of producing income;
  • Ad networks allow for a faster way of managing deals and registering transactions in any app install campaign.