Mapendo Team
April 19, 2022


In the mobile app marketing ecosystem there are two indispensable players: the advertiser and the publisher. The advertiser can be defined as the main reason to exist for app install campaigns and any other app marketing-related activity. 

What is the Advertiser?

The advertiser is the entity who wants to promote its business, product or service, which, in the world of mobile app marketing, is a mobile app. Therefore, advertisers are usually app developers, app publishers or even content providers, who want to grow their app’s user base. 

Advertisers look for new users in order to increase the brand awareness and also the revenue generated from their app. In order to achieve the second goal, they look for so-called high-quality users, who do not only download the app but also engage with it, generating post-install events and in-app revenues such as purchases, subscriptions, etc.

Advertisers usually provide publishers and media sources with a budget, creatives to show in order to attract potential users and some targeting criteria and restrictions. 

The last step they need to take is to integrate with MMPs (Mobile Measurement Partners), which help to keep track of all in-app activities and to measure the performance of all app install campaigns and marketing sources.

Why is it important?

As mentioned above, advertisers are the very reason for app install campaigns to exist. They look for new users and combine many different marketing activities in their user acquisition strategy. Each channel has its own benefits and drawbacks and serves its own purpose.

Advertisers usually run app install campaigns with two pricing models, CPI (Cost-Per-Install) and CPA (Cost-Per-Action). The former allows advertisers to pay only for users who actually install and open their app, as opposed to other advertising models such as CPM (Cost-Per-Thousands) or CPC (Cost-Per-Click). The latter is even safer because it lets advertisers pay only after users have generated a desired in-app event, which often leads to in-app revenues. 

App install campaigns and all the other marketing activities are carried out by marketing partners such as affiliate networks, ad networks and mobile DSPs (Demand Side Platforms), amongst others. Advertisers choose their partners based on their user acquisition goals and they may even combine multiple partners in order to have a complete plan and a wider reach.

What you need to know about the Advertiser?

  • Advertisers are one of the main players of the mobile app marketing world;
  • Advertisers want to promote their app and increase its user base with high-quality users;
  • Advertisers entrust publishers and marketing partners with the activity of acquiring new users;
  • Advertisers combine several marketing activities such as app install campaigns and programmatic advertising in their user acquisition strategy;
  • There are different payout models chosen by advertisers for their app install campaigns and the most common ones are CPI (Cost-Per-Install) and CPA (Cost-Per-Action).