Exclusive Insight Into The Best Creative Metrics To Perfect Your App Install Campaign

Roberto Tranquilli
June 23, 2022
Exclusive Insight Into The Best Creative Metrics To Perfect Your App Install Campaign

Creatives are important when setting up an app install campaign and can genuinely make a difference if you want to succeed. However, having outstanding and successful creatives alone won't take you over the finish line,  you need to optimize your creatives and overall app install campaigns to draw in those high ltv users. 

What is a creative?

Any kind of digital ad unit, like a banner or a video, used by the advertiser to attract attention, communicate a message,  or convert the visitor into a customer using the publisher’s traffic capacities.

Take a sneak peak of some of Mapendo’s holy grail metrics for creatives:

Best Formats

Creatives can take various formats, from standard static image to animations and exe. files, with the intention to draw in the viewer by creating an interactive user experience. Here we share our top 3 best performing creative formats for app install campaigns:

  • Banners (Static/GIF)
  • Native ads
  • Video

Best Banner Sizes

Understanding what ad sizes best suit your app install campaigns and when to use them is crucial. This is because choosing the appropriate ad sizes has a significant impact on your display campaign's efficacy. We suggest the following:

  • 320x50
  • 300x50
  • 300x250

Best Video Sizes

Similar to banner sizes, video form factors have an effect on the viewer, the more visually appealing it is, the more attention it will gage. For video creatives, we recommend the following:

  • 16x9
  • 9x16
  • 1x1
  • 4x5

Standard Video Durations

(videos max size 100 MB): Much has been said about mobile video formats under eight seconds, thanks to social newsfeeds where attention is fleeting and users swipe and move on from content quickly. A TubeMogul analysis reveals, however, that videos up to 30 seconds can expect significant user attention, particularly when the user has initiated the play. The optimal time to hold viewers' interest is within the first 30 seconds of a video because those longer than a minute lose over 60% of their viewers. All this considered, here are our recommendations for the time length of video creatives:

  • 30 sec > 11+ MB
  • 15 sec > 8+ MB
  • 10 sec > 3+ MB

Now for our top 3 tips for producing the best app install campaign creatives: 

Creatives are the first thing users see and what may drive them to the app. Therefore they are a key factor for generating conversions and driving installs

  1. Clear CTA: In order to optimize your creatives, the first thing you need is a strong CTA (call to action). Prompting users with the clearly defined goal of the ad, whether that be for a mobile gaming app, shopping or fintech, the value proposition of the app should be clear.
  2. Creative A/B Testing: By presenting two distinct types of creatives to various segments of your audience, you may test which one is most successful at getting people to interact with the advertisement and resulting in conversions.
  3. Creative rotation: Consider switching around the available creatives so that the same ad isn't displayed for too long. When working on creative optimization, creative rotation is helpful since it allows you to track the outcomes brought about by several ads and determine which one was the most successful in generating installs.

Well there you have it, our best practices and tips for creative optimisation for your app install campaign. We hope we have been helpful in your quest to create the best app install campaign creatives, and that you now feel more confident in knowing how to create the most engaging ads to reach those high ltv users. For more be sure to check out our blog, where you will find the latest on mobile app marketing trends and industry insights.