Best Halloween Apps 2023: Our Top Spooky Picks

Viola Zannarini
October 27, 2023
Best Halloween Apps 2023: Our Top Spooky Picks

Spooky season is upon us, it's time to embrace the spirit of Halloween and take your celebrations to the next level with the magic of the best Halloween apps of 2023

Whether you're a seasoned Halloween fan or a casual celebrant of the holiday, there's no doubt that this time of year is full of fun and excitement. 

To make the most of this hauntingly delightful season, we've gathered a selection of the best Halloween apps to help you plan spine-tingling pranks for your friends, stay fit by running away from zombies and create creepy photo montages. 

In this article, we'll guide you through the top apps that will take your Halloween experience to a whole new level, ensuring that this year's festivities are a magical success.

ZRX Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! is a unique and fascinating workout app that combines physical activity with an immersive zombie apocalypse story. 

With its immersive storytelling and audio design, Zombies, Run! transports users into a post-apocalyptic world where they must run for their lives amid a zombie apocalypse, enhancing the Halloween spirit during workouts.

The program introduces a spooky and thrilling experience that captures the essence of the holiday by incorporating storytelling into your run; as you run, you'll listen to an audio story about a character traversing a zombie-infested area, complete with plot twists and character development. 

Missions, each having its own storyline and objectives, add a gamified element to your trek, requiring you to do things like gather supplies, rescue survivors, or avoid zombie hordes. 

Overall, Zombies, Run! is a wonderful pick for anybody looking for a fun fitness and entertainment mix, especially around Halloween, when a little spookiness and adventure may make exercises more engaging and seasonally appropriate.

Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker

Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker is a versatile tool that allows users to inject ghostly and paranormal effects into their images and videos, ideal for creating a frightening and supernatural atmosphere in their media material, especially during Halloween.

You can import existing media or record something new within the app, and there are loads of ghostly effects to choose from. From ghosts and floating entities to creepy backgrounds and out-of-this-world transitions, you can create a truly paranormal atmosphere with this app.

Audio adjustments like spooky sound effects and music make the content extra creepy. After you're done editing, you can quickly post your ghostly masterpiece on social media.

Whether you're dressed up or just want to make your pics and vids extra spooky, Ghost Lens AR Fun Movie Maker is the best choice for you. It's easy to use and you can share your creations on social media. 

Perfect for Halloween, this app will help you take your content to the next spooky level.


If you're searching for something to get you in the Halloween spirit, Disney+ has you covered! 

In the "Collections" area, they have a terrific collection of eerie, supernatural, and family-friendly movies and shows. 

Disney+ has a diverse library of Halloween-themed content, including renowned classics such as "Hocus Pocus" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Furthermore, it features Halloween-themed episodes from an assortment of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars series, ensuring a delightful Halloween experience for viewers of all ages. 

Disney+ is known for its great selection of content for all ages, so it's the perfect place for families to watch Halloween movies and shows together. 

They have both classic Halloween favorites and new, family-friendly stories so everyone can get in on the seasonal fun.

Horror Movies Quiz Trivia Game

Checking your horror movie expertise by taking an online quiz with your friends after watching Halloween movies would be a great way to continue your night. 

Horror Movies Quiz Trivia Game it’s the perfect choice for this.

The Horror Movies Quiz Trivia Game caters to horror movie fans and trivia connoisseurs by providing a riveting collection of challenging and engaging trivia questions centered on the world of horror cinema. The software works by giving users with multiple-choice questions about horror movies, including notable films, actors, directors, and iconic scenes.

The app has leaderboards so you can compete and show off your horror movie knowledge. You can get rewards, achievements, and virtual currency, so you can feel good about answering questions correctly. You can even share your results and achievements with friends on social media to see who the real horror movie expert is. 

It offers a perfect means of enjoying Halloween-themed entertainment and sharing some spooky fun with friends and family.


Vampify is an entertaining app for photo and video editing that helps you bring to life the stories of vampires by turning yourself or somebody else into a vampire.

This software concentrates mainly on picture/video alteration, offering a wide choice of vampire elements from fangs and glowing eyes to white skin and blood drop lips for true transforming.

This app is great for adding an extra spooky feel to your costume pics. It's a great way to get into the Halloween mood and make your costume pics stand out. You can also use it to make some awesome themed content for your Halloween party or social media posts.


Spotify celebrates Halloween with an extensive selection of Halloween-themed material, including playlists, music, podcasts, and more, all geared to set the scene for Halloween festivities. 

Spotify's Halloween playlists, which are frequently creatively named, offer a spellbinding mix of spooky, creepy, and Halloween-inspired songs, making it simple to get into the Halloween spirit with a simple search and play. 

For horror fans, the platform features playlists dedicated to the soundtracks of great horror films, including scary and unforgettable music from films such as "Halloween," "The Exorcist," and "The Shining."

For those seeking more than just music, Spotify offers a selection of spooky podcasts, covering ghost stories, true crime, Halloween traditions, and the supernatural.

So no matter if you're looking for tunes to get you in the spirit or hardcore horror tracks, Spotify has it all for you to enjoy the Halloween season.

Uber Eats

As Halloween nears, Uber Eats is getting ready to offer some wicked deals! They're forming partnerships with tons of restaurants to provide a huge selection of meals for delivery or pickup. Plus there'll be special promotions, ads, and collaborations to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. They've even got limited-time menus with spooky dishes, so you can easily order some festive food.

Uber Eats may hold Halloween contests and prizes via social media or the app, giving consumers the chance to win free meals, discounts, or Halloween-themed products. Customers can also expect seasonal promotional codes that provide discounts or special deals on Halloween orders.

Uber Eats also embraces Halloween by launching advertising social media campaigns with spooky visuals, Halloween-themed graphics, and tailored messaging to spotlight its Halloween promotions and special menus.

The Spookiest Apps of the Halloween Season

In the spirit of Halloween, 2023 brings us some of the best Halloween apps to elevate your spooky season such as Zombies, Run!, which immerses you in a zombie apocalypse tale, or Vampify, which adds a touch of the supernatural to your images and videos.

If you're a die-hard Halloween fan or just trying to add a bit of spooky fun to your life, the best Halloween apps of 2023 have something for you and are just a glimpse of the eerie fun you can have this Halloween season, making it a memorable and chilling experience

Embrace the spooky season with these apps and let the Halloween magic begin!