Mapendo Team
April 21, 2022


In the process of running app install campaigns, advertisers provide their marketing partners with creatives to show to potential users in order to make them download their app. Thus, creatives play a key role in the execution of app install campaigns.

What are Creatives?

Creatives are the ads which promote advertisers’ apps and are shown to users within publishers’ websites and mobile apps. Therefore, creatives are essential to the results of the app install campaigns because they should attract users and persuade them to download the promoted app. Creatives need a convincing call to action and a captivating design in order to appeal to mobile users and make them install the app. 

There are different types of ad formats which can be used for app install campaigns, and the most common ones are:

  • Banner;
  • Display;
  • Video;
  • Gif;
  • Interstitial;
  • Playable;
  • Native Ads.

Each one of them has its own pros and cons. For example, videos are one of the most engaging ad formats, while banners are the most popular because they can be displayed everywhere. 

Interstitial ads are display ads which cover the entire mobile screen and can be also more interactive than standard displays. Playables instead are used especially to promote mobile games because these kind of ads provide users with a preview of the game before they even decide whether or not to install it. 

Native Ads are those ads which match the user experience of the mobile app or website users are visiting. For instance, when users are scrolling down their Twitter feed, the ad will be shown to them in the form of a Tweet. Therefore, native ads are the less intrusive ad formats and generate high engagement from users. 

Moreover, different types and sizes of the creatives means different costs for ad networks and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) in order to display those creatives in their app install campaigns. 

Why are they important?

Creatives are what should influence users to download and open the promoted app. Therefore, they play an essential role in app install campaigns and advertisers need to design a very effective creative strategy. Indeed, they can adopt a wide range of techniques in order to optimize their app install campaigns and achieve valuable results.

Advertisers, and marketing partners on their behalf, can rotate multiple creatives in order not to show users the same ad format over and over. Furthermore, they can run creative A/B tests to assess the performance of each creative and maybe allocate more budget on the best-performing ad formats. 

What you need to know about Creatives?

  • Creatives the ads shown to users within publishers’ apps and websites;
  • Advertisers usually provides their marketing partners with creatives to rotate in their app install campaigns;
  • There are many different creative formats such as videos, GIFs, interstitials, playable ads and many more;
  • Creatives can even be targeted to post-install events with specific call-to-actions;
  • Advertisers can employ creative optimization techniques like creative rotation and creative A/B testing.

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