Dating App Promotion: All You Need is Marketing

Elena Strappato
March 30, 2023
Dating App Promotion: All You Need is Marketing

In 2019 39% of couples in the U.S. declared to have met for the first time online using a dating app: a typical moment of … love at first swipe. Since the early 2010s, dating apps have revolutionised not only the matchmaking culture but also the marketing of the apps. And so dating app promotion has gone forward. 


It was in 2013 that everything changed when Hatch Labs founded Tinder - the still most downloaded dating app worldwide. We are talking about a market that made nearly $5.61 billion in 2021 – counting almost 366 million users worldwide in 2022 who chose to rely on mobile devices to find their soulmates. 


Moreover, although the pandemic surge in 2020 has deferred in-person romantic dates for almost two years, not only have not people lost interest in dating apps, but even global installs have increased. So has the competition on the market. This article seeks to define a dating app promotion strategy with respect to the state of dating apps after the pandemic outburst while exploring the best marketing trends for your dating app promotion in 2023 to stand out from the crowd for your uniqueness and authenticity.


We are going to underline the following points: 


  • Dating app launch marketing strategies. 
  • Paid user acquisition for dating apps.
  • The best trends to follow for 2023 dating app promotion.
  • The new role of games in dating apps.


Dating Apps + User Acquisition: A Match Made in Heaven

After the pandemic outbreak, despite all the social distancing and the lockdown restrictions, there has been an increase of 17% in dating apps’ global installs compared to the 2020 rates. In addition, dating apps can still boast high sessions and a high retention rate with high performances throughout the 30-day user journey: the more you navigate looking for the ideal partner, the more you want to browse.


However, despite a general growth in installs and a continuous demand for online matchmaking, 2021-2022 also saw several startups not surviving the increasing competition in such a saturated market. For this reason, you will need an air-tight marketing strategy for your dating app promotion to make your product unique, funny, and authentic.

Dating App Launch Marketing Strategies

Are your users looking for a serious relationship? Or do they only want to hook up with someone? Before launching your app, for an effective dating app promotion, find your niche and ideal target audience by defining your value proposition to build a loyal and active community. Then, as people love talking about dating, try to leverage user-generated content on a landing page or a blog where you can soon start advertising your brand identity and mission for your dating app promotions. 


For instance, the OkCupid app was one of the first virtual spaces to share people’s pronouns and promote inclusivity. Blogs and social media can be the right place to persuade potential users to download your app through real-life stories and examples of app-crossed lovers. Authenticity - estimated to be worth a 28% increase in customers’ engagement with the apps - must be part of your strategy for your dating app promotion. 


Paid user acquisition for dating app promotion 


Once you have identified your target audience, how can you reach out to the most valuable users and learn which marketing channels can be the best options for your dating app promotion? Here come into play attribution platforms whose insights and advice help you optimize your campaign by data-gathering and behavioral patterns analysis. 


In short, within the dating app promotion framework, paid user acquisition consists of a set of paid marketing activities to advertise your app and drive more high-quality users to your product. You can also combine paid activities with non-paid, organic acquisition and ASO optimization to boost your visibility on the app store by using keywords, explicatory descriptions and screenshots. 


Dating App Promotion: The Best Trends in 2023


According to the latest predictions, the number of dating app users is expected to rise to 440 million in just a few years, while the whole market is expected to grow even more, up to $8.4 billion by 2024. For this reason, some people may be right in thinking that the age of online match-making renaissance is about to emerge.


Based on these statistics, it appears that in-app purchases will define the 2023 scene of dating app promotion. Alongside advanced filters and additional packages, it is more and more likely that people will look for items to speed up their match-making process. For instance, paid subscription plans can be a shimmering monetization form addressed to highly engaged and motivated daters who want to jump into intentional dating and be willing to have a serious relationship.


Furthermore, a good branding strategy is always a good solution for facing up to 2023 challenges for your dating app promotion. Don’t forget that logos and icons are crucial for your dating app to stand out and shine among all the others.


The latest A/B tests completed by SplitMetrics show that the classic symbols traditionally associated with romantic love are not growing out of fashion (heart, cupid’s arrow, gender symbols, etc.). Still, those reminding us of the dating app theme are also appreciated. Finally, use minimalistic and simple logos - the key stylistic trends in app design - and combine them with memorable names or clear “letter-focused” icons.


Gamification for Dating App Promotion


Younger generations like Gen. Y and Gen. Z have developed a broader understanding of who they may or may not want to date. Moreover, younger users do not constrain dating apps to the sole romantic goal. They can also demand more complex and mindful experiences, including other types of connections, not necessarily and exclusively romantic. Therefore, if you wish to grab the attention of more engaged users, diversification and gamification can show you the way for your 2023 dating app promotion.

What is gamification?


Gamification does not boil down to gaming elements added to your dating app, but consists of an overall enhancement of the dating app user experience. In gamification, you can leverage social-media elements for your dating app promotion and diversify your audience. Not only will you catch potential daters, but you will also hook up other users interacting with your app.


There are several examples of successful dating apps adopting gamification. Tinder’s murder mystery-themed game “Swipe Night”, for instance, is a video-interactive dating feature where single users follow a crime story together shaped by their moves and choices.

Other brands, such as Bumble’s Trivia night, revamped their dating apps by introducing ice-breaking questions, trivia categories and other options where users can show personal interests and personality types to refine the match-making process.

All in all, despite the growth the dating app market is expected to experience in 2023, and despite the continuous flow of users looking for love or deep social connections, app developers should always bear in mind the importance of a good marketing strategy for their dating app promotion to strike their users as the most unique and authentic option. In other words, as the perfect place to find love.