How Mapendo's Dynamic Ad Units are Increasing ROI for Mobile Games

Viola Zannarini
November 3, 2023
How Mapendo's Dynamic Ad Units are Increasing ROI for Mobile Games

In this day and age, it's essential to grab and keep your audience's attention. That's where dynamic ad units come in - they're the real deal when it comes to app advertising. You'll be able to get ahead of the competition by creating ads that make an impact. If you're serious about increasing user engagement, our new dynamic ad unit is the secret weapon for you.

These awesome, imaginative experiences blend video, static, and interactive elements together perfectly, really standing out as you move between apps, like finishing a game level or scrolling through news stories.

Mobile games make the most of captivating videos and playable ads, and Mapendo takes full advantage of this by combining these formats into a multi-step ad

It starts off with a short video, which displays the main points of the plot of the game or shows its fun mechanics. This makes the user intrigued by the structure of the game and captures his attention.

The video is then followed by a playable ad, that helps the player try firsthand the gameplay of the mobile game. By experiencing this mini game, the user can decide whether this could be a delightful pastime or not.

Everything wraps up with an end card, either static or dynamic, made up of a button that redirects to the app store and in-house assets. Ending the ad with a card makes the installation process easier for the user, who is then more willing to proceed with the enjoyment of the game.

Triple-page dynamic ads  bring many benefits, boosting conversion rates and installations per mille by 20% in comparison to regular formats. What makes them special is that they use SKOverlay on iOS, meaning users don't have to leave the ad to install the app. Plus, with three creative pages, these ads give users plenty of opportunities to interact with them, offering a really great user experience.

Mapendo's ad units have been a real winner, as trialling them in mobile game app install campaigns has shown a major rise in ROI compared to regular banners. The success can be seen in the quality of new users, which is tracked by in-app purchases and LTV.

In a cutthroat business climate where users are quick to lose interest, dynamic ad units have got your back when it comes to growing your app. Take advantage of powerful, eye-catching ads to captivate your viewers and skyrocket your income and ROI. 

Dynamic ad units are the key to success and the reward is yours for the taking.