Level Up Your Shopping App’s Advertising For Upcoming Shopping Season

Mapendo Team
August 25, 2022
Level Up Your Shopping App’s Advertising For Upcoming Shopping Season

Consumers are filling out their lists of supplies, electronics, and first-day outfits as the back-to-school buying season approaches. This is just one of the endless shopping frenzies that is partial to the projection of shopping apps having reached a multimillion status. 

There are many trends emerging in the shopping app industry which point to this. For one, it has been found that 67% of consumers  want to purchase back-to-school supplies this year alone. This growth makes it a crucial chance for shopping app promotion. 

With over 57% of consumers using mobile apps for back to school shopping, this is a lucrative opportunity to tailor your shopping app creatives to the back to school shopping season and increase the mobile user acquisition of your shopping app.

Mobile user acquisition for shopping apps

In a study by Google titled  "How People Shop on Their Phones", it was found that 53% of shoppers prefer using an app to retrieve account and loyalty card information instead of using a traditional mobile site. This study followed the habits of over 500 participants, between the ages of 18-64 who regularly use their smartphones and this is the trend that was identified. What this tells us is that overall demand for shopping apps is growing significantly.

Source: google analytics

Users of shopping apps also showed a preference for tailored user experiences such as suggested purchases based on their shopping habits. 

Source: google analytics

Additionally, the study also found that 58% of smartphone users feel more favorable toward companies whose mobile sites or apps remember who they are and their past behavior. This means that by tailoring your app to the preferences of your shoppers, you will be more capable of engaging with LTV users.  Lastly, 80% of frequent shoppers only buy from brands that personalize their experience. People like to feel that someone cares about them, and personalization can give them that feeling 

 Different types of formats used for ads:

Now let’s have a look at the different types of ad formats that are commonly adopted by the biggest shopping apps. 

Rewarded ads: In a survey by Iron Source, 37% of respondents said they are likely to be influenced by rewarded ads. This refers to offers that are a reward in exchange for opting-in to interact with an ad. 

In addition to the monetary value these rewarded ads offer, it has also been shown that customers will see your brand and app more favorably and be more eager to interact with in the future. This will positively affect your mobile user acquisition. For the advertiser’s sake, the best thing about rewarded adverts is that you only have to pay when a user watches the entire advertisement.

Coupons: following the same survey by Ironsource, 32% of respondents say coupons are the biggest incentive to purchase. This is seen as a powerful mobile app marketing strategy to encourage consumers to finish their seasonal hopping with your app. For instance, your mobile app could provide consumers with a ticket for a 10% discount on a specific notebook or binder. 

Additionally to offering coupons, creatives such as limited time only offers are also proven to draw attention. This is one of the more tangible mobile app marketing moves. In fact, 13% of those surveyed listed this as their number 1 factor for choosing a particular back to school offering. 

Best practises for shopping app creatives

One best practice for your creatives that is unique to shopping apps is to ‘level up’ your ad strategy for the back to school dates. This means taking your ads optimisation to the next level leading up to when the countdown to the start of September is approaching. When we say level up, what do we mean? Well some examples are:

  • Rotating your creative ads
  • A/B testing with ads
  • Optimize Visual ad elements (keywords, colors, fonts, incentives, call to actions)

The most effective method for figuring out which ad formats are most appealing to app users is to do A/B testing on these various advertising creative concepts on segmented audiences in various geographical places. In order to optimize this process, Mapendo's A.I. technology participates in billions of auctions, collects enormous amounts of data, and analyzes it.


Back-to-school shopping is already in full flow, so now is the ideal moment to start customizing your mobile app marketing for your shopping apps. During the forecasted period 2022 to 2028, the "Shopping Reward App market" is expected to increase. This means that now is the time to seize your apps hold in the shopping app market and enhance your mobile user acquisition.