Machine Learning For Your App Install Campaign (And How It Will Improve App Campaign Optimization)

Mapendo Team
May 30, 2022
Machine Learning For Your App Install Campaign (And How It Will Improve App Campaign Optimization)

In this article, we are going to see what Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms are, and why they can be extremely useful for your app install campaign and app campaign optimization.

Especially with new and constant restrictions on privacy, it is harder for companies to track users’ in-app activities and gather data, which is a crucial step in the process of targeting the right audience and developing more effective ads. This is why companies are relying more and more on machine learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

What Is Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the main forms of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Before diving into the field of machine learning, what is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a tool, a set of rules that allow humans to process data, solve more complex problems, and automate time-consuming tasks.

This is why machine learning, as part of Artificial Intelligence, can be so useful for companies. In fact, machine learning algorithms are able to process previous data and make predictions about the future.

Machine learning algorithms learn from experience and previous data, find connections between them, and make decisions: this latter point is extremely important given the fact that human decision-making processes can be flawed or biased and, for this reason, companies in every field can benefit from the use of machine learning algorithms.

Together with this, machine learning algorithms can also be a plus from the user’s side, given the growing importance of privacy in terms of gathering data from users.

The 3 main components of machine learning are:

  • Data — the dataset machine learning algorithms will analyze data to learn patterns;
  • Algorithms;
  • Models — the output of a machine learning algorithm, the rules and data required to make predictions based on the dataset.

Machine Learning And Programmatic Advertising

So, why do we emphasize the importance of machine learning algorithms? In the field of mobile app install campaigns and app campaign optimization, machine learning algorithms can actually make a big difference: in this context, machine learning algorithms are mainly used for programmatic advertising, or machine learning based advertising.

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of ad inventory, and it uses machine learning algorithms to handle such processes. There are many advantages that come from programmatic advertising, so let’s see the main ones useful for your app campaign optimization.

First of all, as it relies on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms, programmatic advertising is transparent and measurable. The second key aspect, in terms of user acquisition and app campaign optimization, is the targeting power ensured by machine learning algorithms.

As a matter of fact, machine learning algorithms, after having analyzed a great amount of data and learned from them, can improve the app install campaign targeting performance. On the basis of the dataset available, machine learning algorithms can target high-quality users, those users who will more likely download the app and carry out the desired in-app events.

So, another benefit of programmatic advertising is that you can save money on your marketing strategies, showing ads only to those users who are more likely to interact with them — and therefore install your app. In fact, from the data machine learning algorithms have gathered, you can identify the most effective ads on which to allocate your budget — crucial for your app campaign optimization and to increase your app campaign ROAS.

To sum up, we can say that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms play a huge part in the field of app install campaigns and app campaign optimization. They are directly employed in programmatic advertising, which is a key marketing channel that makes use of machine learning algorithms to target high-quality users and identify the most effective ads used in an app install campaign.