Mobile Board Games

Mapendo Team
October 17, 2022

Mobile Board Games

A Mobile Board Game adapts traditional board games, which include dice, a board and cards, to mobile phones.  

What is a Mobile Board Game?

A mobile board game is designed for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets or personal computers) and they range from basic to more sophisticated games. This genre allows the players to take turns against other opponents, and the game is usually very easy because the score is marked automatically. The disadvantage of this genre is that the player has to wait indefinitely for the turn of the opponent. 

The mobile board game market has been rising for years but, more importantly for developers, board games seem to be difficult to adapt to the two main mobile game monetization models: in-app-purchases and advertising. That’s because mobile board games are less compatible with advertising than other mobile game genres. Some examples of mobile board games are 7Wonders, Carcassonne and Small World.  

What do you have to know about Mobile Board Games?  

  • Mobile Board Games are an adaptation of traditional board games
  • The game is usually very easy and the players can take turns against other opponents
  • Mobile board games can’t adapt efficiently to in-app-purchases and advertisin