Non Organic Installs

Mapendo Team
April 27, 2022
Non Organic Installs


In the world of mobile apps, there are different ways in which users can download an app, being more or less influenced by ads and marketing campaigns. The basic distinction we can make in the field of mobile user acquisition is between organic installs and non-organic installs.


What Is A Non-Organic Install?

Non-organic installs are those app installs that have been driven by some marketing activities. They are different from organic installs as these latter are not influenced by a structured paid user acquisition strategy and happen deliberately and spontaneously from the user’s side.

On the contrary, non-organic installs occur when users download an app after having seen an ad or marketing campaign, as part of a strategy of paid user acquisition on paid media.


Why Are Non-Organic Installs Important?

Generally, organic installs are considered to bring the highest quality users, as they have downloaded the app without being directly influenced by mobile marketing campaigns; for this reason, they are often considered as the most interested and committed app users, those with a higher Lifetime Value (LTV) and potential within the app.

However, we also have to consider the importance of non-organic installs, which, as a matter of fact, are a key part of mobile app marketing and paid user acquisition. While with organic installs we cannot know what drove the user to install the app, non-organic installs are attributed to the media source prompting the app install.

So, we can say that non-organic installs, generated by DSPs and marketing partners through advertising activities, are significant for advertisers, as non-organic installs can guarantee scale and quality for their app.
In fact, non-organic installs are nowadays a key part of every paid user acquisition strategy as they provide high scalability for apps, as well as high-quality users generating in-app revenues

Precisely because of this, lately, the strategy and activities behind non-organic installs have actually been rising, and advertisers are allocating more of their budget to a well-structured and effective paid user acquisition strategy. This is increasing non-organic traffic and non-organic installs, as well as the general quality of such traffic.


What You Need To Know About Non-Organic Installs?

  • Non-organic installs are app downloads happening as a result of marketing activities;
  • Non-organic installs are driven by paid user acquisition campaigns;
  • They differ from organic installs, which occur when users are not directly influenced by ads;
  • Non-organic installs are attributed to the media source driving the app installs, benefitting DSPs and other media sources;
  • Non-organic installs also provide high-quality traffic for advertisers and their apps. 

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