Subscription Mobile Games

Mapendo Team
October 17, 2022
Subscription Mobile Games

Subscription mobile games

Subscription mobile games are apps that require the player to monthly pay a specific fee to have access to the app or to obtain a premium version of an app. 

What is a subscription mobile game? 

Mobile app subscriptions are recurring payments a user initiates to access a mobile game app. At the end of the period, the subscription automatically renews until a user chooses to cancel it. Mobile gamers can be used to the freemium model, but some specific features will always be pay-to-play. For example, a developer can offer subscription access to exclusive worlds, other gaming categories or new weekly challenges. 

This subscription method achieves very good results because players love personalized experiences. For MMO games, for example, a subscription to a private gaming environment is very profitable. However, developers are obligated to provide regular content or other value to retain users. For this reason, these apps typically come from a well-known brand to offer value to the subscription in the user's eyes. The most popular example of a subscription mobile game is Minecraft.  

What do you need to know about subscription mobile games?  

  • Subscription mobile games have a subscription-based model that has become an increasingly popular strategy for monetizing gaming app
  • These recurring payments allow the user to have access to some specific features and different gaming categories
  • Developers should provide regular content to achieve good results and to maintain the subscriptions of the users