User Acquisition For Shopping Apps: Breaking Down Statistics By Genre

Mapendo Team
July 28, 2022
User Acquisition For Shopping Apps: Breaking Down Statistics By Genre

Mobile shopping apps are becoming more and more well-liked among customers as more individuals use their smartphones to conduct shopping online. Insider Intelligence forecasts that mobile shopping apps will rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.5%, reaching $488 billion by 2024. This offers advertisers a fantastic chance to use their shopping apps to draw in and keep more key users.

Read on as we analyze key points in the shopping app world, from genres and downloads, to ad engagements and user lifestyle. Looking at these elements will allow us to identify key trends and tricks that you can apply to your own user acquisition strategy to bring ultimate success to your shopping app. 

Breakdown by genre

First, we have to break down shopping apps by genre.


This graph by shopify is showcasing the top online shopping genres, with Electronics ranking at the top.  The second-most popular online shopping category is fashion. Just under $1 trillion is expected to be spent on these products. Together with electronics, expenditure in these two ecommerce categories is forecast to hit $2 trillion in 2022.

There are variety of shopping apps, however we have segmented it into 5 genres:

  1. Discount and Deal Givers
  2. Social Shopping Apps
  3. Marketplaces
  4. Digital Wallets and Payment Apps
  5. Price Comparison Helpers

Top shopping apps by downloads 2022

The top shopping apps make online buying simple and convenient. Many also have features that simplify and improve the user's mobile shopping experience. These features are especially important and help escalate your user acquisition for shopping apps.

The most popular shopping apps for iOS and Android are largely interchangeable. However, depending on whether iOS or Android mobile phones are being used, the order of these well-known shopping apps varies. As shown in this graph by Oberlo


SHEIN, a fashion shopping app that focuses on providing stylish apparel goods at reasonable costs, displays a high awareness for user acquisition strategy by topping the list of the most downloaded iPhone apps in the iOS app store as of June 2022. The e-commerce titan Amazon's app follows pursuit, which will come to no surprise since this enterprise is famous for its ability to apply a sound user acquisition strategy.

Next up, Shop, the shopping assistant app from e-commerce platform Shopify, is ranked third. Shop was only released in 2020, so is a new shopping app. Despite this, it has already entered the top three. This is due to the fact that Shop is essentially a redesign of Arrive, a prior new shopping app from Shopify that assisted customers in tracking their goods.

Walmart, a global US retailer, is in fourth place. The business discontinued its grocery app in 2020 and combined it with its primary retail app. 

By Demographic & Lifestyle 

A study by Aarki shows some very interesting statistics about user acquisition for shopping apps. 

Gender 56% Female / 44% Male

Education 32% University 

Age 56% 25-34 /  44% 35-44

Investigating the lifestyle preferences of your shopping app users in order to have a deeper understanding of them is the next step. Just some of the interesting statistics are that 32% of shopping app users shop at discount stores, while 12% claim to be living a green lifestyle. 38% state to purchase travel related promotions during black friday sales. In isolation these facts may lack importance, but together you will have a better understanding of the profiles of your users, what they love and hate. Using this info you can adapt your user acquisition strategy for shopping apps and reap big rewards. 

Shopping apps ad engagement

Color, content, and ad format are just a few of the elements that might help your ad creative draw in more users and scale your user acquisition for shopping apps. In various ad formats, users react to certain components differently. For example, according to Aarki, users favor a pink "Install Now" call to action (CTA) for Interstitial Display. They also state that the best CTA for video formats is a yellow one that reads "Download Now." 

Want to know more about creative optimization? Read how to boost your user acquisition for shopping apps using creatives here


Shopping app marketers who continue to make wise, data-driven, and UA lead decisions will prevail in this very competitive and multifaceted sector. We can assure you that you can accomplish this by understanding the demographic and lifestyle of your users, tracking the trends of downloads, and ad engagement to ultimately enhance your user acquisition for your shopping apps