What's New for Mobile App Marketing 2023

Mapendo Team
September 28, 2022
What's New for Mobile App Marketing 2023

In this article we will dissect the latest trends in the mobile app marketing world, to help you get your mobile app marketing plans ready for 2023. 

By keeping up with trends, you'll constantly be learning new ways to be efficient and optimize your mobile app marketing strategies. 

Read on as we unravel the top 5 trends predicted for 2023.

  1. Creatives and rewarded ads

The number of optimization levers will continue to decline as we shift toward a privacy-centric future. Although measurement will still be somewhat constrained, it is still believed that there will be enough data to innovate on the "targeted side."

Given this, creatives will grow in ranking among the most crucial optimization levers. This might entail developing a fresh, inventive format with a new emphasis on it. Appsflyer predicts that adapting hyper-casual game concepts to your game creatives is going to explode next year.

Additionally to this is the mention of rewarded ads, more specifically that Rewarded User Acquisition, also known as Cost Per Engagement, has replaced incentivized User Acquisition in the modern day.

  1. Marketers will use non-SKAN measurement more

The first trend following the push for user confidentiality, privacy has become a no-way-back journey and we will definitely see that being exhaustively discussed throughout 2023. As a result, it is foreseen that marketers will become more at ease with probabilistic measurement, modeled conversions, and incrementality outside of SKAN.

Marketers will adopt incrementality-based reporting as a source of truth more and more, employing procedures ranging from straightforward spreadsheet-based models to more sophisticated statistical analysis.

  1. ASO is one to watch

ASO (app store optimization) will keep "modernizing," and by that we mean that other factors other than keywords will continue to have a greater impact on organic traffic. It's no longer enough to just perform keyword improvements with your mobile app marketing strategies to achieve ASO growth.

Of course, optimizing your keyword information is still crucial in contemporary ASO, particularly when it comes to localization. However, the focus of an ASO team will increasingly be on managing other aspects. Such as app description, being user friendly, preview videos, and your app’s icon.

  1. The metaverse is coming

We will witness a further expansion of the virtual reality (VR) trend as a result of Facebook becoming a Metaverse corporation. We should be ready for a rise in the number of metaverse apps to appear, particularly in the gaming sector. This of course will have a significant impact also on the way that your mobile app marketing plans will be altered.

The Metaverse will push forward even more cross-platform game experiences and encourage publishers to build mobile and AR products to support this trend. Monetization which involves AR can affect in-app events optimization and CPA campaigns. This means that we can anticipate numerous new app launches and developments as well as a wide range of monetization options for those apps. In that regard, the mobile app marketing industry will experience a game-changing in-app advertising strategy.

  1. 5G 

The wide rollout of 5G is anticipated to continue over the course of the coming year, and it will probably replace current mobile technology standards in many sectors. This will open up seemingly endless possibilities and enable a new generation of apps, primarily AR and VR ones, that will utterly transform mobile app marketing expectations as we know it. 


As we creep into the fourth quarter of 2022 and see these trends already playing out, 2023 is certainly shaping up to be an action-packed year on all mobile app marketing fronts.

From the metaverse and 5g, to enhancements in creatives and ASO, there is a lot to be excited about.