Black Friday 2023: 6 Effective User Acquisition Strategies for Your App

Viola Zannarini
November 17, 2023
Black Friday 2023: 6 Effective User Acquisition Strategies for Your App

It's almost time for Black Friday and Cyber Month

With the 24th of November approaching and with consumers shopping for the holidays earlier than ever before, brands know all too well that the time to prepare is now.

Holiday shopping has always been a source of stress for customers, but people are starting to realize it can be a whole lot simpler, thanks to apps that can help them find the best deals and presents. 

Black Friday isn't just a one-day thing, it's a whole month of opportunities to get new customers. 

Make sure to plan your strategy in advance and ramp up your app marketing campaign at an early stage, when users start browsing for deals. 

In this article we will explore all the steps that you and all user acquisition managers need to follow in order to fully capitalize on all of the revenue-boosting opportunities that Black Friday has to offer.

Which apps usually make the most out of Black Friday’s opportunities?

Once confined to retail, Black Friday has evolved into a cross-industry phenomenon, capturing the attention and response of users from various sectors and expanding beyond shopping apps

Whether you're looking for a subscription service, a fitness app, or an educational platform, Black Friday is the perfect time to take advantage of special offers like early-bird discounts and free first months

Travel apps use Black Friday to promote their destinations, accommodation, and flash sales, while mobile games usually offer mysterious bundles and the chance to gift items to other players. 

Ultimately, all app categories use Black Friday to draw in new users and boost sales, the key lies in understanding which approach aligns most with the distinctive needs and interests of your audience

Prioritize new users in your UA strategy for sustainable growth even after Black Friday

Getting new customers at the start of the season sets the stage for successful retention strategies during the holiday season, which helps your brand keep getting business. 

To make the most of this money-making time, it's key to use data-backed tactics to accurately find, draw in, and involve users who are a good fit. 

It's important to focus on people who will keep using your app for longer, rather than just coming once for a deal. This is the type of user you want to direct your campaigns to.

As users seek simplicity, it’s crucial to simplify the purchase process. Regardless of how much you spend on advertising, a negative user experience can drive customers to seek alternatives in the fiercely competitive market.

Optimize ASO towards Black Friday

More and more people have been choosing to shop online instead of in store over the past 10 years and this trend is likely to continue as people use their phones to take advantage of Black Friday offers. Research has revealed that in 2022, mobile eCommerce transactions accounted for 65.7% of all eCommerce sales across the globe.

Marketers should make sure they are prepared by upping their app store optimization (ASO) by integrating seasonal terms linked to Black Friday communication.

For instance, modifying your app store description, promotional texts, and screenshots on platforms such as the Apple App Store to showcase your Black Friday promotions will attract a more interested and loyal user-base.

Promote your apps across different channels during Black Friday

It's crucial to come up with a thorough plan for Black Friday that takes into account all the different ways it can be promoted for the greatest effect, this is why having social media on your marketing plan is a must-have, especially when it comes to Black Friday. 

You should build up the hype in the weeks leading up to it, as people tend to get more interested as the day gets closer. 

The past two years have seen a rise in people using social media to find out about new products, so influencer marketing and micro-influencers can help you promote any pre-Black Friday deals. Contests and hashtags can also help you reach new potential customers. 

Email marketing should also not be underestimated, as it's a great way to get the word out about your promotions.

Come up with amazing Black Friday in-app offers

Amazing deals and promos are the core element of Black Friday, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot get imaginative and innovative with them. 

Offering users special deals can attract them and unique bundles can make them feel valued customers. Free shipping for in-app purchases is a great way to boost sales. 

You can add in mobile games new skins, characters, items, or exclusive side quests just for the event, and make it limited-time only with keywords like "flash sale," "last chance," and "only this week" to encourage people to buy. 

In e-commerce apps, to make the process easier, link shoppers straight to the product page they clicked on rather than the home screen, and you'll see your sales potential increase!

Refresh and test your Black Friday creatives

A decisive step that determines the success of a great user acquisition campaign is the A/B testing of the creatives. 

Creating diverse versions of your Black Friday creatives featuring different visuals, products, and promotions simplifies the process of conducting A/B tests on a consistent basis.

Additionally, the content of these ads should automatically adapt based on user behavior, guaranteeing that the content remains pertinent and up-to-date.

By thoroughly testing the creatives, the ua manager can understand which is the optimal ad for the campaign and use it to boost engagement.

An innovative approach is using dynamic ad units. This format uniquely enables advertisers to effortlessly promote their complete product catalog across all the mobile devices used by their customers.

Optimize in real time to reach Black Friday goals

If you want your campaigns to be successful this season, you've got to optimize them in real-time. Check out how your results and KPIs compare across different apps and time frames so you can spot trends and grab more users. 

Don't forget to keep your ads fresh, as people will get bored if they see the same ad over and over. Try out new elements, and see if your audience responds better to popular products or special deals. 

Check which keywords get more clicks, like ones about shipping, wishlists, or shopping carts, and test them out before you launch your Black Friday ad. 

Make the most of Black Friday in your UA campaign

Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Month by optimizing user acquisition strategies. 

This guide emphasizes real-time campaign adjustments, A/B testing, and dynamic ad utilization to maximize revenue opportunities

Success during this retail extravaganza relies on strategic planning – let's make it epic!