Cost Per Install: Mapendo's Optimization Algorithms To Reduce CPI By 40% For This Ride-Hailing App

Roberto Tranquilli
October 19, 2022
Cost Per Install: Mapendo's Optimization Algorithms To Reduce CPI By 40% For This Ride-Hailing App

A major global mobility company wanted to expand its business and increase its market share in the highly competitive US market. They wanted to grow their ride-hailing app user base, acquiring high-quality users, who could take rides and generate revenues. Therefore, they turned to Mapendo in order to intensify their mobile user acquisition efforts.  

The challenge

Mapendo’s goal for this app install campaign was to bring in as many users as possible, optimizing towards quality and gradually decreasing the CPI at the same time, making the advertiser pay less and less for each new user. We knew that it takes time to achieve all these three results, especially in the US where the average cost per install (CPI) tends to be higher than everywhere, as well as the cost of buying ad placements on real time bidding exchanges.

Our solution

No matter the difficulties we were confident to deliver upon our client’s expectations because of our previous experience with similar apps.

Indeed, our campaign management team agreed to start a CPA campaign with the first ride as the payable post-install event, and to focus the user acquisition strategy on the following steps: 

  • Leverage data from similar app install campaigns in order to speed up the optimization process towards the payable post-install event (first ride);

  • Scale the volume of new installs and first rides by optimizing the media buying and testing new real time bidding exchanges and traffic sources based on data gathered during the current campaign; 

  • Optimize creative rotation and ad placements buying in order to keep growing volumes at the same pace but at a lower cost, decreasing the CPI. 

The results

After the first 3 weeks of run, Mapendo generated six times the installs achieved in the first week, increasing the number of first rides at the same rate. The following 2 weeks were focused on scaling the volumes of both installs and first rides, acquiring tens of thousands new users. In this process, we rotated the creatives provided by the advertiser in order to keep increasing the volumes but at cost-efficient level. 

In less than 2 months we achieved: 

  • Installs 22 times higher than the beginning of the campaign;

  • First rides increased 21x compared to the first week of run;

  • CPI decreased by 40% in the last 3 weeks.