How To Leverage Programmatic Advertising For Your App Install Campaigns

Mapendo Team
May 30, 2022
How To Leverage Programmatic Advertising For Your App Install Campaigns

Acquiring a large user base for a newly launched app is not easy, let alone gaining high-quality users. We will now see what is meant by high-quality users in the world of mobile apps, as well as how programmatic advertising can be a key strategy to identify and acquire them.

Who Are High-Quality Users And Why Are They Important?

Before analyzing more in detail the concept of mobile programmatic, let’s first start with the most basic concept. While acquiring high volumes of users may be important at the beginning of an app launch, such a goal may not be enough in the long term.

What app advertisers have to focus on, is also the acquisition of high-quality users, both for economic and brand-awareness reasons — here is where mobile programmatic can be of help.

High-quality users are those who perform more in-app events (for example subscription, order, or purchase): this brings several benefits to the app install campaign, and this is why it is important to employ programmatic advertising in your app install campaign.

The first immediate advantage coming from programmatic advertising surely is an economic one. High-quality users are those who bring, or are likely to bring, the highest number of conversions and in-app revenues, and therefore have a high LTV (Lifetime Value), thus helping increase the app install campaign ROAS.

Together with this, it is also a matter of loyalty. If your users are truly interested in your app, they are unlikely to uninstall it and, on the contrary, they will stick to your product as long as possible, thus contributing to the set-up of a ROAS positive app install campaign.

Programmatic advertising can help you do so: in this way, with mobile programmatic, you will be able to create a loyal user base, which then becomes more of a true “fan base”.

“Brand awareness fosters trust.

In a world where consumers rely on extensive research and others’ opinions before making a purchase, brand trust is everything. Once a consumer bonds to your brand, they’re more likely to make repeat purchases with little to no forethought — which then bridges the gap between trust and loyalty.”

From HubSpot.

There are different ways for you to work on the app install campaign ROAS and the acquisition of high-quality users, but a big role is definitely played by programmatic advertising and the use it makes of machine learning algorithms.

How Mobile Programmatic Can Support The Acquisition Of High-Quality Users

First of all, mobile programmatic is one of the main marketing channels in mobile app marketing, together with affiliate marketing.

Mobile programmatic — or programmatic advertising — is the process of buying and selling ad inventory, automated with the use of DSPs and machine learning algorithms.

It is precisely this last aspect of mobile programmatic that can give you a more refined ability in targeting your potential users, especially aiming at high-quality users.

As it is carried out through the use of machine learning algorithms, programmatic advertising is based on data and statistics: with mobile programmatic, you can analyze hundreds of thousands of data coming from app users and their activity within the app, analyze their behavior, find patterns, and ultimately make predictions about future trends.

This is central in the app install campaign optimization and the identification of high-quality users as, with machine learning algorithms and mobile programmatic, DSPs are able to target — according to variables such as operating system, location, Internet connection, etc. — those users who are more likely to install the app and perform in-app events.

Because of this, programmatic advertising allows you to save money and time, as you already know which users to target, without wasting your budget on too broad and vague campaigns.
As programmatic advertising is based on data, you will allocate your budget more properly, with no losses, and increase the app install campaign ROAS.

This is what we do at Mapendo. Through our proprietary technology, Jenga, we collect anonymous data from app users identifying patterns and trends, and target, through mobile programmatic, potential high-quality users who will drive more in-app events and in-app revenues.

With algorithms and mobile programmatic technology, we have helped many apps acquire users with a high LTV, increase the app install campaign ROAS, and grow their business.