In-App Events

Mapendo Team
May 18, 2022

In-App Events 

In the field of mobile app marketing, there are different kinds of app install campaigns that can be set up: for example, some campaigns may be focused on scaling the volume of app installs, while others on generating in-app events.

In any case, when setting up any app install campaign, there are some main metrics to consider, as these can help when working for its optimization and also to understand the overall app install campaign performance.

For instance, you may look at the app install campaign ROI and ROAS, and new users’ LTV and ARPU. But another important insight into your app install campaign performance comes from the tracking and analysis of in-app events.


What Are In-App Events?

In the field of mobile apps, in-app events – or post-install events – are those actions taken by users after having installed an app. In-app events may include, for example, item order or purchase, registration, subscription, etc.

By working with MMPs (Mobile Measurement Partners) you can measure any kind of in-app event. Generally, advertisers or app developers focus on those events which best represent their goals, those that are more in line with their app’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), and focus on those. In-app events should be tracked to understand the user’s behavior and experience within the app, but they are also used in a CPA app install campaign.

CPA campaigns are based on a payout model in which advertisers pay the publisher every time a user performs a pre-selected post-install action, after the engagement with a given ad. The post-install action is set by the advertiser according to the business KPI and the goals of the company so that whenever the selected action is performed by users, it will bring benefits and revenues to the advertiser. 

Depending on the type of in-app event, advertisers and publishers then set a certain attribution window after the app install within which the event needs to take place in order to be considered as a payable conversion.


Why Are In-App Events Important?

In-app events are particularly relevant to track as they help you understand what happens after users install the app, which is their value during the entire app usage, as well as assess the app install campaign performance and marketing efforts – for example, marketing campaigns aiming at user acquisition.

So, monitoring post-install events is a key tool in measuring the quality of new users acquired through app install campaigns. Moreover, tracing the entire user journey within the app is also useful to understand if there are any features of the app to adjust or improve.

So, keeping track of in-app events can support your activities of app install campaign optimization. This is especially true if you are using machine learning algorithms, which help you optimize app install campaigns towards acquiring those users who are generating - or will more likely generate - the desired and set in-app event. 

Indeed, by analyzing which in-app events are performed more, you can see how users interact with your app once they have installed it and what aspects users like more. As a result, this will help you understand which in-app events are bringing the highest profits and, on the contrary, which aspects should be improved.

For this reason, tracking in-app events also helps you better allocate the available budget for your app install campaign, as this provides you with data about your users’ experience that you would not get otherwise.


What You Need To Know About In-App Events

  • In-app events are actions performed by users inside the app, after having installed it;
  • In-app events include item order, purchase, registration, or subscription;
  • In CPA campaigns, in-app events are the pre-selected actions on which payment to the publisher is based
  • In-app events are selected according to the app’s goals and KPIs;
  • Tracking in-app events is a key optimization tool for any app install campaign: it allows you to see how users engage with your app, what aspects bring you the highest profits, and what could be improved.