Luni’s Omada App Decreases CPA by 26% with Mapendo

Roberto Tranquilli
April 26, 2023
Luni’s Omada App Decreases CPA by 26% with Mapendo

Luni is France’s largest app publisher for iOS users. Their apps span across many verticals, from Health&Fitness to Productivity and Social Networks.

Over the past few years they have developed and published Fitness Coach, Period Tracker and Video Editor, just to name a few above the four star rating score.

We had the pleasure to help Luni grow its most recent hit, Omada app, which allows users to predict the biggest sporting events while competing with other users. 


Luni and Mapendo started their partnership with the goal of increasing Omada’s iOS users across multiple countries, mostly in western Europe. When ramping up user acquisition activities, their main concern is to avoid wasting money on users who only give the app a try and quit shortly after having downloaded it. Instead, an effective app install campaigns delivers high-quality users, who show a high retention rate and generate as many in-app events as possible. 

Thus, our first goal and challenge for this cooperation was to scale the volume of Omada users in Europe, where the app was released only at the end of 2020. Then, the focus shifted on users’ quality, aiming at a post-install event rate beyond 70%. The event measured was the validate bets, generated once a user has placed a bet on all of the sport events taking place on the current day. 

Our Solution

Our campaign management team set up a CPI app campaign targeting iOS users in France, buying ad placements programmatically from the best ad exchanges and testing creative concepts provided by Luni, such as banners and videos. As soon as our tech platform ingested enough data, our A.I. optimized the traffic acquisition towards the most valuable users for Omada. As you can expect from one of the best app developers in the industry, Luni knew exactly which metrics to monitor in order to analyze the performance and we were able to access such metrics through their Mobile Measurement Partner, Appsflyer. 

This way, our A.I. combined such data with more than 20 contextual signals analyzed from the traffic coming in, including OS version, internet service provider, connection type, etc. For instance, quickly switching between iOS 16.2 and 16.3 users and whitelisting the 2 best performing ISPs, SFR & Bouygues Telecom, proved to be effective in doubling the install-to-validate bet rate. 

As soon as Mapendo’s platform identified the top performing pockets of traffic in terms of conversions and post-install events, we were able to scale the volumes of new users for Omada. Furthermore, we leveraged our experience running apps of the same vertical, which allowed us to whitelist the most successful app publishers to buy traffic from in order to drive high-quality conversions. 


Since the beginning of our partnership with Luni, we acquired thousands of new users generating an event rate always above 70%. We successfully replicated such performance in other geos after France, including Germany, United Kingdom, and Spain. 

In light of the positive results, Luni rewarded Mapendo with the chance to run app install campaigns in the US too, in the critical SuperBowl quarter, the most engaging sport event in the world. At the end of Q1/2023, we grew Omada installs in the US by 30%, compared to the beginning of the quarter; and the CPA measured through the number of validate bets has decreased by 26%.