Mapendo Launches New Dynamic Banner Technology

Roberto Tranquilli
August 25, 2023
Mapendo Launches New Dynamic Banner Technology

In the last few months, we’ve started testing with app developers our latest feature for user acquisition campaigns: dynamic banner technology. 

In this article we’ll show the first impressive results achieved by the new app install banner ads generated by our technology, their impact on installs and, above all, ROI. 

  1. How it works;
  2. Conversion rate;
  3. Install volumes;
  4. ROI optimization.

While video and playable ads have recently grown in popularity, mobile banners still play a huge role in user acquisition campaigns. As we highlighted in a previous article, mobile banners still drive app install campaigns, providing advertisers with several benefits like high reach, low eCPM and speed of testing.

All this leads us to Mapendo’s latest feature, our dynamic banner technology. Developed by our tech team, it helped us deliver excellent results for our advertisers. If you’re curious about how it works and whether it can help your app install campaigns, this article will point you in the right direction. 

How it works

When running app install campaigns, we’re usually provided with creatives by our clients, who share with us multiple ad formats, always including banners. We also generate dynamic banners using all the assets provided by app developers and available on the store. This dynamic banner is generated automatically in more than 1000 slightly different versions.

Our smart technology collects multiple assets from the store page of the promoted app. By combining images, descriptions, logos, claims and all other available brand assets, it generates new dynamic app install banner ads. 

Such banners are immediately tested in user acquisition campaigns, and they are always subject to changes. Indeed, we dynamically change these ads by showing different images, keywords and CTAs in order to match the best impressions and users. 

Now to the nitty gritty. Let’s take a look at the impact of our dynamic banner technology on user acquisition campaigns. 

Conversion rate

First of all, adding the dynamic app install banner ads to the ad rotation doesn’t cost anything to the advertiser. Most importantly though, this is the first banner automatically optimized to increase ROAS.  

Besides leveraging the data about contextual signals, our platform analyzes the performance of new banners by continuously switching assets. 

During this stage, new banners are automatically generated by dynamically changing the combination of assets, and this process keeps iterating until it achieves a conversion rate higher than all other banners in rotation. While it’s difficult to match the conversion rate achieved by video ads, dynamic app install banner ads further optimize the conversion rate achieved by static banners.  

Install volumes

Secondly, achieving a better conversion rate through dynamically-generated banners helps us scale volumes of new users. Given that mobile banners’ reach is often higher than all other ad formats, our optimized dynamic banners are able to ramp up volumes very quickly. 

Dynamic app install banner ads show a reach 35% higher than the one shown by playable and interstitial ads. Engaging a wide audience with dynamic banners and achieving such a high conversion rate led us to increase installs 4X for non gaming-apps and by almost 50% for gaming apps, especially hyper-casual games. 

ROI optimization

Let’s now look at the real deal: how our dynamic banner technology has been optimized towards ROI. We wanted our new app install banner ads to have a significant impact over profitability and ROI too. Indeed, most mobile developers now look at ROI and ROAS even more than they look at volumes. 

Therefore, we provide 2 ways to improve ROI. The first one is easily provided by the dynamic app install banner ads themselves, since they are designed to improve the conversion rate, thus decreasing both the eCPM and, as a consequence, the CPI for advertisers, which can be even 20% lower than CPI achieved by video ads. 

Then, we further optimize user acquisition towards ROI and ROAS by adding revenue and LTV into our analysis. ML algorithms test thousands of different assets and combinations in order to match the new banners with users who are more likely to have high LTV. 

Our most successful example is a well-known, hyper-casual game, which enlisted us to grow their android users, aiming at a 110% ROI day-30. The addition of dynamic app install banners to our usual ad rotation and optimization process allowed Mapendo to achieve a 138% ROI day-30, bringing in highly-engaged users. 


To wrap-up, our new feature is a technology capable of automatically creating new app install banner ads by using all assets available on the app store and those provided by the advertisers. The new banners have no cost for advertisers and, above all, are dynamically optimized towards ROI. 

Having already tested Mapendo’s new technology in user acquisition campaigns, we can list here the most important results we achieved through it: 

  • Volume of installs increased 4X for non gaming apps;
  • Volume of installs increase by 50% for mobile games;
  • % increase in conversion rate;
  • 20% decrease in CPI compared to video ads;
  • 30% increase in ROI. 

Finally, dynamic banner technology is not the only upgrade we’ve launched for app install campaigns. We’ll unveil Mapendo’s latest ad units for video and playable ads in the coming weeks. So… stay tuned and reach out to our team to harness the power of our dynamic banner ads for your user acquisition campaigns.