Mobile Games Trends in 2024: Unveiling the Future in 7 Steps

Giulia Zonno
December 11, 2023
Mobile Games Trends in 2024: Unveiling the Future in 7 Steps

As we get close to the end of 2023, it’s time to shift our focus towards what the upcoming year has in store and start thinking about which ones will be the new mobile games trends in 2024. 

The mobile gaming industry undergoes continuous evolution and transformative changes as it continues to explore new frontiers in technology, storytelling, and the overall gaming experience year after year. 

2024 will be no exception: it will propel the industry forward, attracting millions of new players. Thus, keeping pace with the times and remaining on the cutting edge of innovation is an essential requirement within the mobile games industry. 

Because of this, here we've compiled a list of some of the most noteworthy mobile games trends in 2024.

Quality Over Quantity: Aim For Better Ratings

Success in 2024 hinges on prioritizing quality over quantity: as the app stores overflow with a myriad of games, the focus should be on crafting few but well-designed and optimized mobile games that boast superior design, engaging gameplay, and flawless execution. 

Within this highly competitive market, giving priority to quality not only contributes to user satisfaction but also plays a crucial role in achieving better ratings.

The higher the ratings and the more inclined users will be to download your mobile game, which in turn may result in increased revenue opportunities: the proof lies in the fact that upgrading a three-star app to a four-star rating can result in a significant 89% increase in conversions. 

In addition, higher ratings can significantly influence app store algorithms, potentially contributing positively to increasing visibility and ranking within the app store itself. 

Thus, one of the major mobile games trends in 2024 will be to focus on delivering more and more games of the highest quality.  

IAP vs IAA: The Solution is Hybrid

Developers have always had to face the ongoing challenge of devising effective monetization strategies: the choice is between whether to monetize their games through In-App Purchases or In-App Advertising. 

While IAP allows users to buy virtual goods or features within the game, IAA relies on displaying ads to generate revenue. Each model has its merits and drawbacks, such as potential user resistance to IAP or ad fatigue with IAA have pushed developers to seek a middle ground.

Indeed, instead of choosing between the two, developers are adopting a new solution that could become one of the mobile games trends in 2024: a hybrid approach that combines the strengths of both.

This new hybrid solution not only diversifies revenue streams, but also caters to a broader audience with varying preferences: players who may be averse to making in-app purchases can still enjoy the game while contributing to the developer’s revenue through ad interactions. 

Not Only Mobile: Cross Platform Game Development

One of the most popular mobile games trends in 2024 will be cross-platform game development, that is the possibility to use the same account and play the same game on different platforms. 

From personal computers to mobiles and tablets, each player has their favorite platform; but games that support cross-platform can be played on any device and this allows users to play with their friends, no matter the platform they are using, enhancing social interaction and engagement and contributing to better and unified player experiences. 

Moreover, being suitable for more gaming platforms, the adoption of cross-platform development serves as a strategic avenue for game developers. 

Developing cross-platforms games not only allows accessings to a wider audience with different gaming preferences, but also presents an opportunity to maximize revenues.

This will make cross-platform game development one of the most popular mobile games trends in 2024. 

Cross Channel UA Strategy

One of the key trends that have gained prominence in recent times and that will continue to be one of the major mobile games trends in 2024 is the implementation of a comprehensive cross-channel UA strategy. 

The goal is, and always will be, the development of a well-made mobile user acquisition strategy to reach successful results. 

A cross channel UA strategy involves the seamless integration and synchronization of marketing efforts across various digital platforms. 

In the context of mobile games, this means strategically promoting and acquiring new users through multiple channels, such as social media, in-app advertising, influencer marketing, app store optimization (ASO), and more. 

The goal is to create a cohesive and immersive user experience that transcends the boundaries of indìvidual platforms, leading to increased visibility, engagement, and ultimately, player retention, contributing to long-term success. 

The Power of Retargeting

As we step into 2024, one trend that stands out prominently is the continued rise and importance of retargeting: user acquisition is undeniably important, but retargeting users is equally - if not more - crucial for the long-term success of a mobile game

For mobile games, retargeting is a proven marketing strategy that involves re-engaging users who have downloaded a game but may have lapsed in activity or abandoned the app altogether through strategic campaigns: personalized messages, promotions, or incentives. 

This level of personalization not only captures the user's attention and brings them back into the gaming fold, but also makes them feel valued, fostering a stronger connection between the player and the game. 

This approach leads to higher retention rates, long-term user engagement and boosting revenue.

Retargeting then proves to be one of the most important mobile games trends in 2024, as it is not just a strategy, but a dynamic force that propels games towards sustained success and player satisfaction.

Dynamic Multi-Page Ads

Despite all these new mobile games trends in 2024 given by the continuous evolution that affects the mobile gaming industry, something that will never change is the importance of the implementation of captivating and well-designed ad creatives. 

Here, the innovation lies in going beyond the usual mobile gaming ads and old trends and trying to ensure the success of your mobile advertising campaigns by embracing new solutions, such as the implementation of new dynamic multi-page ads. 

Dynamic multi-page ads are a type of new ad creatives that combine captivating videos ads followed by an interactive playables segment; end cards will be added at the end which will redirect users to the app store.

Through dynamic multi-page ads, users will be offered an innovative multi-page experience, generating an increase both in terms of ROI and new users’ quality, along with elevated conversion rates and installations, in comparison to the other single ad creatives. 

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This will make dynamic multi-page ads one of the most essential mobile games trends in 2024!

Real Time and ROI-driven Measurement

There are various ways in which marketers can gauge the success and effectiveness of their mobile advertising campaigns. So far, one of these has been looking at a well-known metric, that is Cost-per-Install (CPI), that measures the price a company pays to gain a new customer from paid ads.

CPI usually allows advertisers to save money and avoid many risks, as they will only pay for results. CPI is also usually used as a metric to assess the performance of your campaign as it shows the number of installs. 

Nevertheless, CPI also presents some disadvantages: indicating only the number of installs, CPI only shows a small part of the costs needed to acquire new users. However, it doesn’t show if and how people are using your app. Therefore, it can’t be used to assess the real success of the app. 

Therefore, advertisers are beginning to change their strategy. 

Indeed, another key trend among the mobile games trends in 2024 will see developers focus more on other types of metrics, such as ROI, and on real-time measurements. 

Having profitability as a core objective, developers have started to look at ROI as their fundamental metric that is measured as the ratio of revenue generated by new users (IAP or IAA) and the cost incurred to acquire new users.

Constantly monitoring new users ROI in real time and keeping track of its progress within the first 7 days after the install, and then after the first month and so on, allow developers to evaluate new users’ LTV and predict the overall ROI performance of their UA channels. 

Therefore, making real-time measurements enables marketers to make informed decisions, optimize strategies and ensure that every effort contributes meaningfully to the bottom line. 

Keep Up with New Mobile Games Trends in 2024!

As we approach the conclusion of 2023, the horizon of the mobile gaming world wants us to anticipate the unfolding trends that will shape the mobile gaming realm in 2024. 

The mobile gaming industry is characterized by a perpetual state of evolution, consistently undergoing transformative changes as it ventures into uncharted territories in technology, narrative design, and overall gaming experiences, each passing year. 

The imminent arrival of 2024 promises not only to maintain this tradition but also to catapult the industry into new heights, captivating the interest of millions of potential players. In this dynamic environment, it becomes imperative for stakeholders to synchronize with the tempo of the times, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation. 

We present a compilation of the most noteworthy mobile games trends in 2024 that encapsulate the spirit of innovation and the trajectory the mobile gaming industry is set to follow, providing a glimpse into the exciting developments that await players and developers alike in the coming year.