Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)

Mapendo Team
April 27, 2022
Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)

Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)

In any activity of mobile app marketing and mobile user acquisition, especially when dealing with a high volume of data and installs, it can become quite difficult for advertisers to attribute conversions to specific ads, media sources, or other channels.
This is where Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) come into play: let’s see what MMPs are and the benefits of working with them for mobile user acquisition.


What Is A Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)?

A mobile measurement partner, or MMP, can be defined as a third-party company that provides help to app advertisers for collecting app data, measuring campaign performance and attributing results to different marketing channels and media sources.

As a third party supporter, a mobile measurement partner can support app developers in understanding which channel was responsible for driving a conversion. In other words, a mobile measurement partner is able to match marketing activities with installs or post-install actions.

Mobile measurement partners do so by offering a Software Development Kit (SDK), a piece of code that can be integrated in any app to link ad engagements with installs or in-app actions. This is extremely useful as it allows advertisers to attribute such events to the right source and the right mobile user acquisition activity.

A mobile measurement partner is able to analyze and tell the ways in which users interact with ads and apps, measuring impressions and clicks, and also the different value of different users (through lifetime value - LTV - and conversion rates).

In fact, MMPs can track in-app events - such as purchases, subscriptions, orders and so on. In this way, they are able to estimate how much users are spending in-app and therefore their value and ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) - which is the average amount of money a company can generate from a single user.


Why Is A Mobile Measurement Partner Important?

As we have already seen, working with a mobile measurement partner can provide several benefits. So, why are MMPs so important?

Firstly, a mobile measurement partner can analyze a huge amount of data coming from app install campaigns and mobile user acquisition campaigns. In this way, you will also have a more complete and unified overview of your mobile user acquisition activity, as you can see all the data from the app install campaign at once.

Together with this, you can also save time and resources: having a lot of data to analyze can be time-consuming and may also lead to errors, while with a mobile measurement partner you can leave an SDK to do the work.

The second important reason why a mobile measurement partner plays a key role, is the fact that it can identify the right match between media sources and the conversions driven. This is a plus for advertisers as they can, in this way, make more proper and effective decisions on budget allocation.

Indeed, MMPs allow advertisers to know exactly which marketing partners have generated specific results. As a result, by working with a mobile measurement partner, you can improve your app performance, marketing and mobile user acquisition efforts, and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

So in the end we can say that, in the context of paid user acquisition activities, any app advertiser may benefit from the use of a mobile measurement partner in attributing conversions to channels and media sources, as well as in saving time, resources and money in the analysis of data.


What You Need To Know About Mobile Measurement Partners?

  • A mobile measurement partner is a third party company supporting advertisers and marketers;
  • A mobile measurement partner provides support in the analysis of data coming from mobile app campaigns and mobile user acquisition;
  • MMPs help advertisers in attributing conversions and results to the right marketing channel or media source;
  • A mobile measurement partner generally does so by providing an SDK to be integrated in mobile apps and that will keep track of in-app activities;
  • With a mobile measurement partner, app advertisers can save time, allocate their budget more appropriately, and improve ROAS and app performance;
  • Finally, MMPs provide advertisers with an objective assessment of the marketing partners’ performance. 

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