N°1 Cash Back App In The US Increases User Engagement 4X Thanks To Mapendo

Mapendo Team
February 8, 2022
N°1 Cash Back App In The US Increases User Engagement 4X Thanks To Mapendo

Our client 

The client is a US-based cash back app that rewards its users for purchases in major retail and food stores across the country. By uploading a snapshot of their receipts or eReceipts users can redeem rewards. The client has partnered with Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, McDonald’s, Target and many more. As of March 2022, the app has 13M+ active users.

The challenge 

The Client aimed to establish dominance on the market as it began new cash back collaborations. Our given goal was not only to increase installs, but also active users who would sign-up, scan receipts and use rewards. Improving the install-to-first scan rate would ensure a lowering of their CAC and a higher ROAS. 

Our Solution 

In order to deliver upon our client’s expectations, we started with increasing the volume of installs. In this first stage, we assessed the effectiveness of multiple advertising creative concepts, through A/B testing, on segmented audiences and in multiple geographic locations. Our A.I., fully integrated with multiple RTB exchanges, took part in billions of auctions to collect and analyze huge amounts of data. 

As a result, in the second stage, our technology optimized the traffic to target mostly high-quality users, who would generate post-install events and long-term Conversion Rate growth. In order to give a boost to our user acquisition effort, we also launched a Cost per Action campaign.This allowed us to improve our optimization and to better assess users’ post-install behaviour. At the same time, this payout model was safer for our client because they had to pay only for the generated first scans, increasing the ROAS of their app install campaign.  

The last stage of our campaign has allowed us to scale and reach a high volume of new high-LTV users, increasing both installs and first scans dramatically. 


Thanks to our user acquisition strategy, which combines quality and scaling, and to our proprietary technology, we boosted our client’s main KPI, the number of First Scans. ​​By bringing in high-value users we achieved a 57% improvement in the volume of installs and increased 4x the user engagement rate, making sure the app install campaigns were always ROAS-positive.

About Mapendo

Mapendo is a tech platform for app user acquisition. We are a fully managed DSP, which runs machine learning powered CPI/CPA app campaigns. We help mobile apps acquire high-quality users at scale with programmatic traffic. Our ads reach 300 million people in the US every day and generated 1 million conversions for our clients in the last quarter.

To learn more about Mapendo and how you can grow your user base with high-quality traffic, contact us.