Thanksgiving 2023: 3 Must-Have Sports App

Carlo Indrizzi
November 22, 2023
Thanksgiving 2023: 3 Must-Have Sports App

Thanksgiving 2023 is coming!

On Thursday, November 23rd, millions of American families will come together to celebrate the most significant holiday on the calendar.

More and more over the years, Thanksgiving Day sees numerous sports events taking place, often featuring a substantial number of games for each sport.

While it will be an occasion for unity and sharing, it will also be an opportunity not to miss out on some of the offers presented by some of the world's most famous sports apps!

And like we did last year, let's take a look at some possible strategies to optimize your sports app for Thanksgiving and see some effective examples!

3 strategies to capitalize Thanksgiving for your sports app

As we approach the upcoming Thanksgiving, it makes perfect sense to understand how we can effectively capitalize on this occasion. We are going to give you some insights, and then look at some practical cases.

Drawing from our experience, we recommend focusing on three key app marketing strategies.

Strategic promotions and special deals

To seize the opportunity presented by Thanksgiving Day sport games, consider implementing targeted promotions and special deals into your sports app.

This approach aims not only to attract new users but also to incentivize them to make in-app purchases during the holidays. Crafting captivating offers aligned with the Thanksgiving theme can significantly enhance user engagement and contribute to increased revenue.

Integrate app install campaigns and performance-based marketing

Merge your app install campaigns and performance-based marketing efforts with brand-focused advertising activities. This multifaceted approach serves to boost awareness of both the upcoming events and the promotions you have in store. 

By strategically combining these two elements, you create a more comprehensive app marketing strategy that reaches a broader audience, increasing the chances of attracting users who are not only interested in the festivities but also in the value your app provides.

A/B testing for Thanksgiving-optimized creatives

Employ A/B testing with a focus on multiple creatives featuring highly targeted calls to action. Creative A/B testing is a valuable tool that serves two purposes: it optimizes in-app event experiences and improves the return on investment (ROI) of your app campaigns. 

By experimenting with various Thanksgiving-themed creatives, you can identify the most effective elements that resonate with your audience, refining your marketing approach for better performance and user engagement.

3 examples of Thanksgiving promotions in sports apps


FanDuel is a popular online fantasy sports and sports betting platform. Apart from betting, it allows users to participate in daily and weekly fantasy sports contests, offering the opportunity to win cash prizes based on the performance of real-world athletes in various sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and more. 

It comes with two different apps, one called Fantasy and the other called Sportsbook. The first specifically focuses on fantasy sports, where you can build your own team and compete in a league with your friends, while the latter is a platform for sport betting.

Being one of the leading sports apps in the sector, FanDuel could not refrain from not launching its own range of offers and promotion, in an exquisite Thanksgiving style. As a matter of fact, they have created a three-step promotion, drawing inspiration from Thanksgiving recipes.

The first step is called “The Turkey”: by placing a bet on any of the three Thanksgiving NFL games or on all of them, FanDuel will double your winnings up to $50 in bonus credit for each one that hits. 

The second step is called “The Stuffing”: by betting on Dak Prescott, Josh Allen, and Drew Brees, to combine for 796+ passing yards, your odds will be boosted.

The third and final step of the Thanksgiving offer is called “The Gravy”: by betting on the combined point total across all three games to exceed 132.5, your odds will be higher.


DraftKings is a well-known American daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform founded in 2012, that also operates as a sport betting provider, including professional and college-level competitions. It has become a huge player in the growing industry of sports apps in the United States. 

DraftKings strategy to capitalize from Thanksgiving Day involves acquiring new users. Their offer involves subscribing to the app by creating an account and making a first deposit of at least $5. 

Then, the newly-acquired user will have to make a bet on each of the Thanksgiving NFL games and combine them into a parlay.

Finally, if the parlay busts, DraftKings will refund every bet up to $100.


bet365 is an online betting platform which offers a great range of different betting services.

bet365 is well-known for its sports betting services, allowing users to place bets on a wide variety of sports events, including football (soccer), basketball, tennis, horse racing, and many others. Users will also be able to place bets on sporting events as they happen in real-time, which adds an extra layer of excitement to the betting experience.

In addition to being a sports betting app, bet365 also provides live streaming for certain sports events, poker rooms and an online casino platform.

For Thanksgiving, bet365 is offering a very enticing welcome offer for new users. By creating a new account using the Thanksgiving promo code GAMEDAY, making a first deposit of $10+ and placing a $1+ bet of odds -500 or longer, users will get $200 in free bets, whether that bet wins or loses.