Uk-based Fintech App Leverages Mapendo To Expand In Key Middle East Markets (GCC) Growing Its User Base 4X

Mapendo Team
May 11, 2022
Uk-based Fintech App Leverages Mapendo To Expand In Key Middle East Markets (GCC) Growing Its User Base 4X

Our Client

Our client is a global investment trading online platform, which operates in multiple countries around the world. Its all-in-one investment app grants access to more than 6000 markets, where users can directly invest in global stocks with 0% commission and no hidden fees. 24/7 customer support, investment education and full transparency make this company one of Europe's best trading platforms, as confirmed by their numbers. 

As of spring 2022, our partner has:

  • 6M+ registered customers;
  • $530B+ trading volume; 
  • 3+ major awards in the fintech industry.

The Challenge

Our client wanted us to boost their user base growth by expanding in and conquering new markets, especially GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries such as Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. These countries have the highest GDP in the region, a huge smartphone penetration and they have accelerated the digital transformation in the fintech industry during the pandemic. 

Our challenge was to identify and target potential high-quality users for our client, namely people who download the app, make a deposit and start trading. 

Our Solution

In order to achieve success in those countries where our client wanted to expand its presence, we needed to design an effective user acquisition strategy. 

Our team focused on 3 main points: 

  1. Targeting the right users;
  2. Developing the best creative strategy;
  3. Optimizing and Scaling the volume of installs. 

We leveraged Mapendo’s  A.I.-powered platform to gather as much data as possible about post-install behavior and identify the most valuable users for our client. Combining this with results from creative A/B tests, we targeted the users more likely to become high-LTV customers for our client with the best performing ads. 

Our machine learning algorithms analyzed the data collected and took care of the optimization phase, allowing us to scale the results and create a quality user base for our client in the targeted countries.


Our app user acquisition strategy proved effective as we more than doubled the number of installs each month, increasing the volume of new users 4x since the beginning of the app install campaign. 

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia accounted for more than 80% of the new installs generated through our app install campaign, helping our client establish a strong presence in the GCC region. 

Happy with our achievements, the client entrusted us with the expansion into even more countries such as Australia and Singapore. 

About Mapendo

Mapendo is a tech platform for app user acquisition. We are a fully managed DSP, which runs machine learning powered CPI/CPA app campaigns. We help mobile apps acquire high-quality users at scale with programmatic traffic. Our ads reach 300 million people in the US every day and generated 1 million conversions for our clients in the last quarter.