USA’s Top Betting and Fantasy Sports' App dropped its CAC by 70% With Mapendo In A Single Quarter

Mapendo Team
February 8, 2022
USA’s Top Betting and Fantasy Sports' App dropped its CAC by 70% With Mapendo In A Single Quarter

Our Client 

Our client is USA’s top app for sports betting and fantasy sports. Its betting app allows you to bet on different sports, including pro and college football, basketball, hockey, and more. On the other hand, the fantasy sports'app allows you to play fantasy sports for real cash prizes. Both apps are fully partnered with NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, and provide news and stats on all official games. More than 30 million players are reached daily by our client.

Our partner:

  • +30M daily players
  • Fully partnered with NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB
  • America’s 1st Sportsbook App

The Challenge

The client's challenge was increasing its high value user base while controlling its ad spend. A user is considered valuable by our client after his/her first paid entry into a fantasy sport tournament or sport bet. Minimizing this customer acquisition cost (CAC) was key for a successful campaign.

Our solution 

Mapendo’s AI is fully integrated with major RTB exchanges to provide smart and impactful ad placements. Our technology worked on a 3-step approach:

  1. Data gathering: we took part in billions of real time auctions to collect data about the best performing publishers for our client’s user base. 

  1. Volume ramp-up: we acquired new users to assess their post-install behaviour and, most importantly, first paid entries. In addition, we ran creative A/B testing in order to evaluate the performance of different ad formats and optimize the campaign towards the most effective ones. 

  1. Deep optimization: our machine-learning technology correlated the previous two steps, to create a solid user base with high LTV and scale volumes of installs. 


We skyrocketed the users’ in-app paid event rate (+289%) and reduced the CAC (-69%) over 3 months. 

With our campaign management strategy, results were tangible from day one, with a steady rise of installs. Our AI’s capability improved in the optimization phase: within a few weeks the campaign was able to deliver high-LTV users at scale.

About Mapendo

Mapendo is a tech platform for app user acquisition. We are a fully managed DSP, which runs machine learning powered CPI/CPA app campaigns. We help mobile apps acquire high-quality users at scale with programmatic traffic. Our ads reach 300 million people in the US every day and generated 1 million conversions for our clients in the last quarter.

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