A Year in Review: Jumping into 2024 with Key Insights for App Marketing

Viola Zannarini
January 31, 2024
A Year in Review: Jumping into 2024 with Key Insights for App Marketing

Welcome to the recap of our 2023 journey through the world of mobile marketing.

Mapendo is thrilled to present a comprehensive overview of the transformative trends and pivotal moments that shaped the mobile marketing sphere in 2023 and how we approached them. 

From analyzing the surge in hyper casual games to defining key elements of app marketing strategies like CPI, RI and IAP, join us as we revisit the highlights of the year and peek into what the future has in store for us.

January: Pay Per Install

Pay Per Install

In January, we explored the Pay Per Install (PPI) metric, a cornerstone of mobile marketing. 

Our article explained what PPI is and how it can be effective in driving app installs and maximizing ROI. 

We came up with innovative approaches to PPI optimization, leveraging data-driven insights to enhance campaign performance and reach target audiences efficiently.

February: CPI Rates to Optimize User Acquisition Strategy

Cost per Install Rates 2023. How to Optimize Your Mobile User Acquisition Strategy

February was dedicated to unraveling the strategies behind optimizing user acquisition campaigns based on Cost Per Install (CPI) rates in 2023. 

We jumped into tactics to minimize acquisition costs while maximizing app installs, all thanks to optimal CPI rates. 

Our insights empowered marketers to fine-tune their targeting, creatives, and bidding strategies to achieve optimal CPI rates and drive sustainable growth.

March: Hyper-Casual Games

Hyper-Casual Games: Best Practices For An Effective UA Strategy

In March, we went all-in on hyper-casual games and how they're shaking up the mobile gaming scene. We checked out why these bite-sized games are blowing up, their addictive mechanics, and how advertisers can get in on the opportunities. 

Our article dug into smart ways to monetize and keep players hooked with engagement tactics tailored for hyper casual games, giving mobile marketers some fresh ideas to explore.

April: 2023’s Mobile Games CPI Rates

Mobile Games CPI Rates 2023: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

In April, we turned our attention back to the CPI rates of 2023, but with a particular focus on their application in mobile games marketing.

Our comprehensive analysis provided marketers with valuable insights into mobile game industry-wide CPI fluctuations, regional variations, and game category differences

With this info in their back pocket, marketers can make smart choices and fine-tune their campaigns to have the biggest impact.

May: Advertising Mobile Games

Advertising Mobile Games: the Ultimate Guide to Cost per Install

May was dedicated to the art of advertising for mobile games, exploring best practices for testing and optimizing a user acquisition campaign, enhancing user engagement, and exploiting the power of CPI rates to optimize ROI

Our article showcased innovative ad formats and strategies, empowering marketers to leverage the immersive and diversified nature of mobile games to efficiently drive installs.

June: Mobile App Marketing Campaigns Examples

5 Successful Mobile App Marketing Campaigns Examples You Should Know

In June, we spotlighted five stellar examples of app marketing campaigns that captivated audiences and delivered exceptional results in 2023. 

We dissected each campaign's strategy, execution, and impact. These real-world case studies provided inspiration and actionable insights for marketers looking to elevate their app marketing efforts.

July: Mobile Games ROI

How to Increase ROI for Mobile Games

July was all about how to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) for mobile games, by making every marketing dollar count. 

Our article delved into ROI optimization strategies tailored specifically for the mobile gaming industry, emphasizing the importance of testing and reiterating, user targeting, and data analytics.

By aiming at the maximum ROI achievable, marketers could unlock new revenue streams and drive sustainable growth.

August: IAP vs IAA

IAP vs IAA: User Acquisition for Mobile Games

In August, we explored the ongoing debate between In-App Purchases (IAP) and In-App Advertising (IAA) as monetization models for mobile apps. 

Our article compared the pros and cons of each approach, examining their implications for user experience, revenue generation, and long-term KPIs. 

Whether monetizing through IAPs or IAA, our insights helped marketers strike the right balance between monetization and user satisfaction.

September: Analyzing SKOverlay

Mobile Games Ads - The Importance of SKOverlay

In September our center of attention was Skoverlay, with all its applications. 

SKOverlay, a small click-to-install banner, enhances various ad formats like interstitial or playable ads, elevating their effectiveness. 

We explored how with SKOverlay, Mapendo strategically integrates the banners over video ads and at the conclusion of playable creatives, optimizing conversion rates while maintaining a seamless user experience, in order to drive user engagement, and achieve unparalleled campaign performance.

October: Top 10 Mobile Games of 2023

Top 10 Mobile Games of 2023: A Journey Through These Blockbusters

In October, we searched for the top 10 mobile games of 2023, recognizing the innovation, creativity, and entertainment they brought to players worldwide. 

Our curated list showcased diverse genres and gameplay experiences, from casual puzzles to immersive RPGs. 

Marketers learned a lot about what games people like and the trends in the industry, which helped them figure out how to advertise and find partnership opportunities.

November: App Marketing Report for 2024

Mobile App Marketing: Crucial Tips For 2024

November was dedicated to collecting and sharing 2023 insights into our comprehensive report on app marketing strategies, made of extensive industry research and analysis. 

Our report is all about the latest trends, best practices, and pragmatic advice for marketers who are dealing with the tough app market. 

We covered everything from getting new users to keeping them hooked, giving you a clear plan for success not just for now, but also for 2024 and all the years to come.

December: 2024 Mobile Game Trends

Mobile Games Trends in 2024: Unveiling the Future in 7 Steps

As the year drew to a close, we peered into the crystal ball to predict the mobile games trends that would shape 2024

Our article predicts how things are gonna change in the mobile game world, like the game mechanics, new technology, and what users like. 

With this info, marketers could be one step ahead and make the most of the new chances that characterize this ever-evolving landscape.

Our Journey into 2023’s App Marketing World

We have said goodbye to 2023 and dived into the new year, and here at Mapendo we are looking back at the awesome insights, innovations, and strategies that we have hooked marketers with. 

The past year has been a wild ride for the mobile marketing world, but we are not backing down. 

We're stoked to keep pushing limits and fueling growth in 2024!