AI Marketing: How To Boost User Acquisition ROI For Mobile Games

Stella Saia
March 1, 2024
AI Marketing: How To Boost User Acquisition ROI For Mobile Games

ChatGPT and artificial intelligence were all the rage in 2023, growing exponentially in users thanks to easy accessibility, and their popularity shows no sign of decreasing.

Especially in the marketing field, AI has been proven to play a pivotal role. In this article we’ll explore AI marketing at its core, with an in-depth study of how it can be applied to mobile games user acquisition campaigns

What is AI marketing

AI marketing harnesses artificial intelligence tools, like data collection and analysis, algorithms and machine learning, to optimize insights into customers and produce content that is better aligned to their interest. 

AI marketing pros and cons

AI marketing has been said to enhance optimization, automation and predictive tools, paving the way to a more complete understanding of your users needs and wants. But, as with all new technologies, it is important to tread lightly and be aware of the risks, to avoid the most obvious pitfalls. 

So, let’s dive into the pros and cons of AI marketing. 

Pros of AI marketing

  1. Increasing your ROI. The use of AI marketing in user acquisition campaigns will result in a higher ROI. Thanks to data analysis, personalized targeting, the use of predictive analytics and optimized ad campaigns, marketers can identify the optimal channel and placement for an ad based on customer behavior.

  1. Improved efficiency. AI marketing allows you to benefit from its tools thanks to their highly automated nature. Cut down on time spent in boring and repetitive tasks and invest it in the creative process.

  1. Increased customer satisfaction. By targeting individuals rather than masses, users are more likely to be engaged and customer satisfaction tends to be greater. Achieving personalization through data analysis requires a lot of information that marketers can use to their and their users’ advantage. 

Cons of AI marketing

  1. Data privacy concerns. In order to provide insights into the user's mind, a lot of data needs to be collected and processed, raising privacy concerns. In today’s day and age, transparency is valuable above all and disclosing how you collect and store your users’ data is crucial to gaining their trust and their loyalty to your app. 

  1. Biases and data quality. Whether AI marketing proves effective or not, depends largely on the set of data used. We can’t expect AI tools to be faultless: the quality of the output is just as good (or bad) as that of the input. That is why it’s so important to audit your AI system before you rely heavily on it, to avoid inaccurate and biased information. 

  1. Lack of human touch. Automatization sure makes things speedier in your user acquisition campaigns, but sometimes that’s not enough. Human creativity has not yet proven to be disposable in user acquisition campaigns: man and machine need to work hand in hand.  

AI marketing and user acquisition for mobile games

Despite its disadvantages, AI marketing proves to be a successful asset to implement in your user acquisition campaigns. 

Particularly in the mobile games world, which is at an all-time high in user engagement, AI marketing shifted the way user acquisition campaigns are led. Even with the privacy limitations brought on by time, marketers continue to invest in AI, which is rapidly turning into a cornerstone of mobile games user acquisition campaigns. 

mobile games realistic on phone

Gaming companies are experimenting everyday with new ways in which AI marketing can help cut down on app marketing costs. More than anyone else are they interested in optimizing performance and getting a positive ROI. But what is just the way to do that? Let’s find out.

Strategies tha use AI marketing to increase ROI for mobile games

There’s more than just one way to benefit from AI marketing and increase the ROI of your mobile game, and choosing the right one can be crucial. Some of the more profitable strategies are:

  • Automatic ROI optimization. ROI optimization has never been easier than it is thanks to today’s AI tools. AI manages to adapt ad placement, targeting and bids thanks to its extremely rapid processing of real-time data, ensuring the highest ROI possible. 

  • Multi-page ads optimization. Multi-page ads work the best at providing user engagement. Through a seamless transition from a video ad to a playable ad, a positive user experience is guaranteed, thanks to targeting strategies refined by AI. 


  • Segmentation of target users into high-LTV users and non-paying users. The power of AI when it comes to user segmentation, resides in its power to group users in a fast and accurate manner. With AI marketing, high-LTV users can increase up to 25%, thanks to personalized AI-powered user acquisition campaigns. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to AI marketing, so choose wisely based on your user acquisition campaign’s needs. 

Mapendo's AI solution for mobile games user acquisition

Thanks to AI marketing, user acquisition campaigns have evolved over time, becoming more refined and user-oriented. 

Here at Mapendo, we work with a proprietary AI-powered platform to help you grow your user base and retain high-quality users that provide a high LTV

Our team of expert app marketers run user acquisition campaigns through our DSP, buying programmatic traffic from premium ad exchanges. We optimize our user acquisition campaigns towards the KPIs set by our advertisers by using advanced algorithms and machine learning models which provide precision and efficiency. 

Mobile games user acquisition campaigns are crucial in order to draw attention to your app, which would otherwise be lost in the myriad of competing mobile games in the app stores. To make sure that your gaming app sticks out from the rest, at Mapendo we work with multi-page ads by combining different formats, like video and playable ads. This allows us to optimize in real time the various combinations of these assets that can be experimented with in order to bring you the best results and increase your conversion rates and the ROI of new users.

AI marketing’s strong suit is its inane multifaceted ability to analyze more aspects at once, such as app placement, device model, internet provider and so on. At Mapendo, we make good use of this power for our mobile games user acquisition campaigns, always with the respect of our users’ privacy in mind. 


In conclusion, if you’re thinking about making the switch to AI marketing, now is the best time to embark on this journey! 

Get in touch with our team to determine the best solution to increase ROI on your mobile app and get started on a user acquisition campaign that keeps up with the latest technological trends and advancements. 

Don’t be the last one left behind!