American Shopping App Jumps 3X In Registrations With Mapendo's CPA App Campaigns

Roberto Tranquilli
November 16, 2022
American Shopping App Jumps 3X In Registrations With Mapendo's CPA App Campaigns

At the end of September 2022, Mapendo started working with a well-known American mobile technology company, which allows consumers to earn cashback rewards through its app, for shopping at multiple brands and stores. 

The company was looking to increase its market share over its competitors, so they enlisted Mapendo as user acquisition partner to grow their user base and the number of monthly active users

The challenge

The advertiser asked Mapendo to run a CPA app campaign, paying for users who registered and created an account after having downloaded and installed the app. Thus, our main challenge was to meet our client’s expectations by scaling soon the volumes of desired in-app events, which usually takes longer than growing the number of installs. 

Our solution

However, Mapendo’s campaign management team successfully put in place an effective user acquisition strategy in order to deliver upon the advertiser’s expectations: 

  • We explored and tested multiple RTB exchanges, buying programmatically ad placements on a CPM basis and delivering already a high number of installs and registrations;

  • After that, our machine learning algorithms optimized the media buying process, identifying the best performing publishers and sources based on more than 20 contextual signals. By pushing the sources with the best install-to-registration rate we managed to double down both the numbers of installs and registrations in the first month.


  • During this first month, we rotate different ad formats and sizes, running creative A/B tests to assess the top performers in terms of click-to-install rate and install-to-registration rate. Moreover, we leveraged our internal creative production tool to further improve the performance and scale the volumes of installs and registrations, as desired by our client. 

Our internal creative production tool runs creatives generated by combining assets from the app page on the app store such as name, description, logo, etc. Then, such assets are dynamically rotated and A/B tested by machine learning algorithms in order to evaluate their performance. The use of these creatives generated through our tech proved effective in terms of conversion rate, and also saved our client from spending money on designing new ad concepts. 


After only 6 weeks of run Mapendo was able to more than triple the results achieved in the first days of the campaign. We delivered tens of thousands of installs and registrations, allowing our advertiser to boost its monthly active users and rank in the first 100 apps overall on the app store.