How To Gain LTV Users : Key Takeaways From Our Mobile Games Success Stories

Lorenzo Viscanti
June 22, 2022
How To Gain LTV Users : Key Takeaways From Our Mobile Games Success Stories

Driving up your high-quality users and focusing on mobile game user retention strategies is the best way to increase your ltv users. To look at this we decided what better way than to take a deep dive into some of our success stories with some mobile games apps. In doing so we will highlight the best strategies that will improve the lifetime value (LTV) metric for mobile games apps.

#1 Machine learning optimization to acquire high-LTV users

Our first tip is to take advantage of machine learning algorithms to target only high-LTV users. In doing so you will achieve a high return on ad spend (ROAS). Mapendo did just that with one of the leading international games developers, who were looking to improve mobile game user retention strategies with one of their mobile apps, a simulation-based mobile game. Read the full article here.

Increasing ltv users using machine learning: As this client monitises through in-app purchases, Mapendo knew the best thing would be to focus the mobile user acquisition efforts on quality rather than quantity in order to increase ltv from the very beginning. 

In order to improve mobile game user retention strategies,  machine learning algorithms optimized the app install campaigns towards in-app purchases right from the start. By analyzing contextual signals based on data coming in from installs, algorithms targeted high-spending users i.e ltv for the mobile game. This resulted in the increase of the number of in-app purchases week by week. Simultaneously, based on our previous experience with mobile games user retention strategies , our machine learning-powered platform evaluated a variety of creatives and ad formats.

#2  Focus on post-install events such as in-app purchases

The second tip is to focus on post-install events. While this requires a huge amount of data, much more than what is needed to scale CPI app campaigns, it is the ultimate way to increase your ltv users for mobile games. 

Now let's take a look at another campaign that Mapendo ran, this time for a bingo games app. Read the full case study here. As we were trying to optimize on post-install activity, our machine learning algorithms needed to ingest more data. We generated the first 5000 installs by optimizing automatically towards the best possible eCPI. After this volume the algorithms started analyzing more than 15 contextual dimensions in order to maximize the D7 ROI. By doing so we managed to target and acquire the users who were more likely to spend money in-app and to become the high-LTV mobile games user our client wanted for their app. 

Mapendo exceeded the client's expectations by more than tripling the target KPI for Day-0 ROI and boosting the Day-7 ROI by 138% compared to their initial target KPI within 6 weeks of starting the campaigns. This resulted in surpassing the expected increase in ltv users.

#3 Creative optimization & A/B testing

One constant goal with all of our clients is to optimize the best creatives and use them to increase ltv users. This is a strategy that can be applied universally, no matter the vertical, budget or KPIs of the client. 

As we all know, ads with breathtaking imagery arrest our attention a whole lot more than ones with tons of well-written copy. Outstanding creatives make the difference between decent and great apps. We can't stress enough how important it is to invest in high-quality creatives, and what a difference it can make in terms of app installs, CPI rates, and other mobile game user retention strategies. 

Mapendo recognizes the importance of good app creatives, and our world-class creative team understands what it takes to make your app and brand as successful as possible. Take for example this campaign we ran with a global games publisher. 

One of the mobile game user retention strategies was to focus on Video & playable ads integration: We decided on this as videos and playable ads work best for the mobile gaming vertical. Mapendo  integrated the client’s ads and effectively placed them on key RTB exchanges, to target ideal audiences and effectively increase ltv users. A/B testing enables you to test multiple hypotheses for app experiences and make adjustments to your app experience based on evidence rather than gut instinct. Running A/B testing on these creatives is the best way to see which ones are most favored by the ideal high ltv users.

And there you have it, our top tips from some of our most successful mobile gaming campaigns. If you are interested in running app install campaigns like these, get in touch now.