This is Us: Why You Should Pick Mapendo for Your App Growth

Elena Strappato
April 14, 2023
This is Us: Why You Should Pick Mapendo for Your App Growth

Are you an advertiser willing to scale up your app campaign results? Does your company want to promote your app? If you landed on our blog and in search of information about what we do and who we are, you are in the right place at the right time.

This interview with Lorenzo Viscanti, one of Mapendo’s founders, will illustrate the essentials of our job at Mapendo’s, the made-in-Italy tech company that will help your apps acquire high-quality users with its A.I. for app growth.  

1. Let’s Dive into Mapendo: What Does Mapendo Do? Why Do Companies Turn to Mapendo for User Acquisition?

Mapendo is a tech company that works with a proprietary AI-powered platform to help you reach the right high-quality users and grow your mobile app. If you are looking for a strong mobile user-acquisition performance, Mapendo will do it for you. Our team of experienced advertising specialists and campaign managers combine programmatic advertising with artificial intelligence and manage machine learning algorithms to help you scale your user acquisition results.


To be more precise, Mapendo is a fully managed DSP providing its own bidder integrated with the best ad exchanges from which we programmatically purchase ad placements for mobile user acquisition. It is our team of experienced advertisers that sets up and runs all the campaigns by monitoring the campaigns’ performance. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, they optimize traffic acquisition toward the KPIs that our clients established. 

We are integrated with all the major MMPs (Mobile Measurement Partners) such as Appsflyer, Adjust, Singular, Kochava, etc, and thanks to our technology and ML algorithms, we are able to maximize the number of installs and optimize the acquisition of new users toward lower-funnel post-install events depending on our customers’ goals for their app growth. High-quality users are then guaranteed by our A.I.-powered optimization. 

2. How Does an App Install Campaign Start?

What advertisers seek from us is to acquire and retain new high-quality users to grow their apps and revenues. To do so, Mapendo needs only a few steps. Therefore, in app marketing  advertisers usually provide us with the budget they want to allocate depending on their media sources and publishers and the goals they want to reach. 

In addition, we need the creatives to display to their potential users to attract them with all the targeting criteria and restrictions to do our job at best. 

For your app promotion, we can work with all kinds of ad formats, including banners, videos, gifs, playable, interstitials, and avail of our internal tools for A/B testing all the different creatives. In this way, we can maximize the results by leveraging the top-performing creatives. Due to our experience, we can suggest the best ad formats and sizes for you to get started. 


3. What Are the Strengths of Your User Acquisition Platform?

First things first, one of our strengths regards our technology: Mapendo as a fully managed DSP acquires programmatically high-quality traffic, which allows us to develop sophisticated targeting capabilities and guarantee full transparency throughout the whole process of your app promotion. In addition to the fraud monitoring provided by the MMPs - we can also rely on our internal anti-fraud filter protection that works in real time both on impressions and click layers. It is constantly updated to keep track of potential new threats. 

Thanks to our powered machine learning algorithms, we analyze more than 20 contextual signals to optimize campaigns, while respecting users’ privacy and other privacy-oriented constraints as those introduced by the iOS 14.5 turning point. We can scale up huge volumes of new high-quality users through data-gathering operations and performance optimization in a few weeks only. 

Moreover, we work with fixed CPI (Cost per Install) and CPA (Cost per Action) models that put the risk on us and ensure advertisers valuable results only. Advertisers can get to know in advance the overall expenses of their mobile user acquisition. Due to our technology, we can ensure you a positive ROI for your user acquisition since the beginning of the campaign. 

4. What Kind of Companies Ask for Your Service?

Mapendo’s great advantage is its versatility and resourcefulness. In fact, in the world of mobile apps, we can work with any advertiser willing to grow their user base and increase their revenues through the acquisition of high-quality users all over the world. We have traffic in every country and for any app category. 

However, among the companies that rely the most on our service, there are mobile games. Since mobile devices have become the top platform to get everything, everywhere and all at once, they have also been used much more than the traditional consoles to play mobile games. For this reason, mobile game user acquisition is more than ever essential to stand out from the crowd for your app promotion.  Mapendo helps mobile game developers to maximize their ROAS and increase ROI by targeting high-LTV users, using machine learning optimization and your best-performing creatives.


After the pandemic and the consequential shifting toward the mobile commerce market, alongside gaming apps, also e-commerce, and shopping apps are on a roll. As users have embraced the world of e-commerce, so have advertisers – while turning to our company for scaling their mobile user acquisition campaign. Mapendo can help app developers to increase their user base for their app growth by leveraging all the available targeting options to grasp high-quality users likely to spend in-app purchases while decreasing CPA and increasing your ROAS. 


Finally, Fintech Apps – i.e., payment, investment, or banking apps – are riding high since the digital revolution stemmed from the pandemic that changed how people engaged with financial institutions. With a global ad spend above $4 billion, fintech apps are expected to keep growing in 2023. Here comes Mapendo to optimize your app install campaigns to target high-quality users only, by tracking

post-install events.   

5. What Are Your Best Success Stories in User Acquisition?

As far as mobile game user acquisition is concerned, one of our latest successes in app marketing regards a well-known clicker game. When the advertiser turned to us, the aim was to generate new downloads and players. Mapendo started with running first banners, then video creatives, while measuring the volume of installs. With our creatives’ optimization, it dawned on us that videos had registered a better CTR, with an overall positive impact on ROI. In the end, we yielded new installs reaching a cost-efficient rate, generated an ARPU that outperformed the initial banners by around 230%, adjusted the target Cost per Install (eCPI), and decreased the eCPI. 

Another rewarding case of mobile user acquisition for app promotion revolves around one of France's largest app publishers for iOS users. Mapendo was pleased to partner with them to grow their latest hit to increase the volume of iOS users across different countries, especially in Europe. We are talking about a sport betting app allowing users to virtually bet on major sports events: the publisher’s  main goal was to improve the app’s retention rate and find high-quality users generating as many in-app purchases and events as possible.

Our team set up a CPI app campaign, bought ad placements programmatically, and tested the creatives provided by their advertisers. After collecting all the data, our A.I. optimized the traffic acquisition towards the most valuable customers the app could aspire to. Not only did we acquire thousands of new users generating an event rate above 70%, but we also performed striking results in major European countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany. Moreover, given the possibility to drive the app install campaign in the U.S. at the beginning of 2023, we grew their installs by 64% while decreasing the CPA measured through the number of validated bets by 26%.

Last but not least, we should mention our partnership with Paysend as regards Fintech Apps. Paysend, born in 2017 to change how people interacted with their daily finances, was the first fintech app to introduce global card-to-card transfers to connect 12 billion cards stemming from international payment systems. Paysend turned to Mapendo to acquire new users prone to send money through their app.

To meet the goal of a target mobile user acquisition campaign for iOS in North America and Western Europe, we agreed to optimize their app campaign and focus on post-install activities KPI. By leveraging our A.I. – we were able to identify the correlation among patterns, track key in-app actions, and maximize users’ LTV. Our strategy had three main steps regarding CPA optimization toward registrations, contextual signals analysis, and state targeting for redistributing traffic volume to the top-performing locations in North America. We managed to increase the app install rate by 200%, grow toward Paysend’s KPI, outperform the registration-to-money transfer rate goal across the targeted locations, and decrease by 10% the eCPI in North America.