The Best Ad Creatives Strategies to Promote Mobile Games in 2023

Elena Strappato
March 14, 2023
The Best Ad Creatives Strategies to Promote Mobile Games in 2023

Over the last few decades, the mobile games universe has grown so widely popular to become one the world’s most favorite gaming forms, and the primary source of growth in the digital game market.


After a general outline to illustrate the fundamental guidelines for an effective mobile games creative campaign, this article will help you orientate in the 2023 digital advertising landscape by exploring specifics of mobile games creatives for your app promotion.


The Most Important Strategies for Mobile Games Creatives


In the context of app promotion, advertisers provide their marketing partners with ad formats to display on publishers’ mobile apps to lure users into downloading their promoted product. Mobile game creatives are precisely these ad formats aimed to persuade people to go and look for the promoted gaming apps.


Much as simple as it may seem, there are some general tricks and tips to follow if you want to familiarize yourself with mobile game creatives and know how to use them at best.


How to Avoid Creative Fatigue in Mobile Games Creatives


Due to the growing popularity of mobile games creatives, especially of certain types of creatives, advertisers may be tempted to propose the same winning model on and on. However, to avoid the risk of the so-called “creative fatigue”, it is not advisable to do so with experienced users who may recognize the ads and swipe them to go back to the flow.

Therefore, to keep your audience engaged and combat creatives fatigue, you might opt for an “always-on” approach that consists of refreshing your mobile games creatives at high speed. This strategy brings us towards “creatives rotation” another important tool for your campaign optimization. By assessing which mobile games creatives perform better, advertisers can choose to rotate and re-propose them within an ad group.


Mobile Games Creatives A/B Testing


Another fundamental tool to assess the performance of your mobile games creatives is creatives A/B testing. This testing method consists of a randomized test where two different ad formats are simultaneously displayed to different audiences, control and test groups. Once you have discovered the most performing ones, you will invest more budget in those ads and avoid squandering money on the least productive ones.


Further General Takeaways


-   Adopt natural pausing patterns to avoid creatives fatigue.


-   Opt for a cross-platform strategy to tailor your mobile games creatives to the specific needs of the platform where you are working.


-   Provide your mobile games creatives with personalized call-to-action and a captivating design to address specific audiences.


The Expected Trends and Tendencies for Mobile Games Creatives in 2023


Mobile games creatives are among the marketing strategies developing a pivotal role in campaign optimization.


As a matter of fact, creatives have always been the most influential advertising element when it comes to sales. Project Apollo found out that in 2006, 65% of a brand’s sales came from creatives. Therefore, these optimization tools are expected to be essential in 2023 digital advertising for user acquisition.


Some Fundamental Trends in Mobile Games Creatives for 2023

Among the trends that should be part of your mobile games’ creative strategies in 2023, there are “short-form videos” – highly engaging ad formats that started to hit the market in 2022. As a result, this trend has also influenced how advertisers manage creative space with mobile games ads condensed into increasingly smaller windows. 

Moreover, if there has always been a definite separation between organic content and ad content, nowadays - especially on TikTok and Instagram Reels - it has become necessary to blur these lines to adapt to users’ needs and tastes. As trends come and go, it is advisable to “tap into trends” to give a sense of authenticity to your mobile game creatives.

Finally, this strategy brings the “Lo-Fi” approach to your mobile game video creatives. Instead of standing out with your creatives, it is now a matter of “blending in” with organic content. 

Digital advertising is no longer a novelty, and grown-up audiences have been exposed to so many ads to know now even how to ignore them. Therefore, to run successful mobile game creatives campaigns, advertisers will need to know how to balance personalization, immediacy, and authenticity.