Paid User Acquisition: Why You Need It In Your UA Strategy

Mapendo Team
May 30, 2022
Paid User Acquisition: Why You Need It In Your UA Strategy

Optimizing the visibility and growth of your app in today’s market is far from easy. But what is the secret? A strong user acquisition strategy combining organic and paid user acquisition that will help drive users to install your app.

With a prediction that mobile apps could generate more than $935 billion in revenue by 2023 it is no surprise that the app development market is saturated.

The limitations of Organic User Acquisition

While there are methods to improve your user acquisition organically, such as App store optimization, (choosing the right keywords to make your app be found easily on app stores) and SEO and content marketing, with the fierce competition these are not enough for your app to survive.

There are limitations to organic user acquisition that mean you need to also invest in paid user acquisition.

Targeting and Acquiring high-quality users

Recently, the app industry has seen a recent decline in organic app installs — dropping an average of 20% since 2016 according to AppsFlyer. Managing organic installs has become more and more difficult and we believe the solution for marketers is to turn to focusing on a paid UA strategy.

A strong paid user acquisition strategy is a “must” to maintain a high retention rate while obtaining new customers. There always is a huge number of users that will either stop using the app after a while or uninstall it completely.


Organic user acquisition is far less scalable than paid user acquisition, as you are typically limited with the number of users you can reach organically . Growth is necessary in acquiring new users and maximizing their value, especially in free apps. Boosting the customer base of your app will raise the number of users who contribute to in-app purchase revenue i.e high-quality users, which will support the profit coming from your platform.

Why you should have a paid user acquisition strategy

It’s critical to integrate paid UA as part of an overall marketing plan to ensure your app reaches with the correct audience. If the focus is primarily on organic traffic without leveraging paid UA, app developers and marketers will struggle to see meaningful growth or high retention rates.

But how do you do this?

This process requires a systematic and sustainable install campaign strategy that allows your business to target high-quality users who generate post-install events and ideally have high lifetime value for your app.

Throughout the years, we’ve supported countless businesses in acquiring those high-quality users. We use Artificial intelligence and machine learning to do this. Jenga, our proprietary technology, is an AI that collects data, identifies trends, patterns, and user behaviors.

Using this technology we collect data anonymously to determine who the users are who are more likely to convert once they download your app. We optimize the paid user acquisition strategy by driving only users that are likely to perform a relevant post-install action.

With machine learning we examine hundreds of thousands of actions and can match an app with its high-quality users, those who are more likely to register, subscribe, purchase, or accomplish whatever goal the app has. In this way we optimize the paid UA strategy to only target the right users who have high LTV and drive in-app revenues.