Promote Your App: How to Use Targeting and Retargeting to Get it Right

Elena Strappato
January 4, 2023
Promote Your App: How to Use Targeting and Retargeting to Get it Right


Have you come out with a sensational app, but you do not know how to win the increasing competition on the market? Here is where mobile app marketing comes into play to advertise and promote your app, ensuring that your product will stand out from the rest.

How can mobile marketing promote your app?

Mobile marketing is just another term to refer to app promotion. It implies several marketing strategies to win the competition, increase your ROI, and acquire new users through multiple different channels such as those offline (TV, radio, billboards), online advertising (website, influencer marketing, and social media), and ASO system (App Store Optimization) serving to examine and grow the ranking of your product on the app store.

However, what really makes a difference in increasing your revenues and scaling your acquisition efforts is paid user acquisition. Its sophisticated targeting ability and automated acquisition made possible by programmatic technology make it by far the most efficient strategy to promote your app.

However obvious it may look, targeting and even retargeting operations are two essential abilities you cannot do without if you want to improve your app. This article will bring you up to speed with all you need to know about it.

Sophisticated targeting to promote your app

As already stated in the introduction, you cannot scale up the volume of your installs and hook new users without knowing who your ideal customers are.

To know your target audience, you need to identify their profiles first. Working on market research enables you to define demographics, age, gender, lifestyles, and interests. Subsequently, monitoring your customers’ habits inside the app can help you understand their tastes, and what they like or may dislike.

Therefore, within the framework of paid activities, paid user acquisition comes out as a powerful technique to promote your app thanks to the use of A.I. and machine learning algorithms. By data-gathering operations, it is possible to analyze users’ behaviors to target those more likely to engage with the ad, install the app, and perform post-install actions.

Mobile Retargeting to shake dormant users and promote your app

Once mobile users have installed your app because of specific interests or needs, they are still likely to drop off without having completed any action. Indeed, according to Andrew Chen’s research, “the average app loses 77% of users after three days” with the risk of wasting meaningful traffic within a few months.

Although you may find yourself between a rock and hard place, there is something you can do to go back to the drawing board and get your job right. In this case, mobile app retargeting fits the bill.

Mobile app retargeting is an advertising strategy aimed at re-targeting users who have already visited an app or showed interest in its ad. In a nutshell, it is a technique that engages with both the existing user base and potential new customers by displaying personalized and specific ads based on users’ behaviors.

Indeed, it enables you to promote your app and increase your brand awareness by encouraging existing users to re-engage, re-install, and finalize down-funnel conversions. Moreover, it allows you to engage with some potential customers that have not converted yet, despite having interacted with in-app ads, or engaged with your product by scrolling through the app-store listing.

The best mobile retargeting practices to grow your app promotion

Here are some of the best practices we recommend following to level up your marketing strategy and promote your app.

•       Set your priorities: you may not limit yourself to win back customers but keep them hooked. For this reason, preventing users from lapsing takes priority over re-engaging them only.

•       Invest in creatives: your retargeting campaign deserves a high-quality design as much as your paid user acquisition campaign did. Make sure you allocate the right resources for an impactful and efficient retargeting campaign.

•       Personalize retargeting ads: you should focus on items or services that users have previously searched for by using deep-linked ads. Avoid neutral and impersonal ads. Users are highly likely to engage with apps that display personalized ads. Moreover, specific ads are proven to increase the retention rate.

•       Pay attention to frequency: much as users appreciate being exposed to personalized ads, they tend to be annoyed by overexposure.

•       Privilege cross-channel app retargeting: your users browse across platforms, so should do your app retargeting. By doing so, you can follow the full user’s journey and understand the role played by ads on different platforms.

•       Combine CPA campaign with retargeting operations: once you have set your KPIs, advertisers can take advantage of CPA (Cost-per-Action) pricing model by paying the publishers only when a post-install event has occurred. This means that advertisers will pay only when back users or potential new users have performed some actions after having engaged with retargeting ads.

•       A/B testing: Running testing on target consumer segments is essential to complete your retargeting campaign and figure out which creatives drive more conversions or bring more users.  

How can you benefit from Mobile Retargeting to promote your app?

Now, to conclude, let’s wrap up the major benefits of mobile retargeting for your app promotion:

  • Retargeting is not just a matter of brand awareness but enables you to capitalize on users’ interests, needs, and searches.
  • Beyond re-engagement, it increases retention rates, and app visit frequency while lowering churn.
  • Boost down-funnel conversions, also called CPA conversions (events occurring after the app installs such as conversions, purchases, etc.).
  • Cost-effectiveness: retargeted ads are far less costly because of the higher CTR (click-through rate) than display or search ads are.

As we mentioned, working as a sort of reminder for dormant users and potential new ones, mobile retargeting proves to be an efficient technique to promote your app.