App Marketing Strategy For 2023: 3 Successful Tips

Lorenzo Viscanti
November 9, 2022
App Marketing Strategy For 2023: 3 Successful Tips

How often have you searched for apps in the Google or Apple store and decided to download one app rather than another? Have you ever wondered what is the real reason behind that choice? Well, all these activities are strictly connected with the Mobile App Marketing strategy, which describes all the marketing campaigns specifically designed for acquiring app users and increasing revenue. Mobile app marketing, which includes specific marketing campaigns designed for users, should not be confused with mobile marketing, the process of running marketing activities on mobile devices.


Here below you can find three of the most important benefits of app marketing: 

  • Winning the competition
  • Increasing revenues and ROI using performance marketing channels
  • Quickly increase the user base

These steps will help you understand why mobile app marketing is important and what is the main strategy to achieve success in this high-competition business.

Winning the competition in mobile app marketing 

It is estimated that in 2023 the number of app downloads will amount to 299 billion, therefore, the competition is tough and it is becoming more and more difficult getting people to download a specific app. Organic user acquisition is not enough to stand out in this highly competitive market. Therefore, you need to encourage user engagement through several mediums and strategies, such as leveraging personalization to appeal to each user’s tastes and habits, increasing brand awareness, and growing the user base through app install campaigns.

In this way, you can improve the awareness, user acquisition, and retention of your audience for the success of your app. For all these reasons, mobile app marketing is essential for remaining competitive in an increasingly connected world.

Increasing revenues and ROI using performance marketing channels

Mobile app marketing can also lead to an increase in your ROI and revenue using some specific performance-based marketing channels such as Ad networks and DSPs. An ad network connects the audience to the publisher in an app install campaign. It aims to find the right match with the advertiser’s needs through a collection of ad inventory from publishers.

On the other hand, a DSP is a similar tech platform aimed to run paid user acquisition campaigns, as in the case of Mapendo which runs machine learning-powered CPI/CPA app campaigns. Both ad networks and DSPs can optimize these app install campaigns to acquire high-quality users that will help increase revenues and ROI by making in-app purchases. 

Quickly increase the user base of your app marketing 

By tracking activities with MMP to better understand how users interact with your app, it is possible to create app install campaigns that can acquire huge volumes of new users in as little time as possible, by also improving your ranking in stores. 

Together with user acquisition, user retention is also another important criterion which measures the percentage of users who keep using the app after a specific period, increasing users' LTV and in-app revenues. Retention can be increased through promotions, updates, and other marketing strategies.



All the stages outlined in our article are crucial for the promotion of your app and the development of a successful mobile app marketing strategy. However, the success of your app will depend on your understanding of users, so make sure you constantly monitor all the changes in the app marketing world.