User Acquisition: New Users For Your App

Pietro Castellani
January 19, 2024
User Acquisition: New Users For Your App

What is user acquisition 

If you are willing to develop your app and grow revenues, you cannot forgo building a strong user acquisition strategy: the way you promote your app is decisive for the success of your business; a perfectly assembled app can have critical poor results if not boosted and carried by an adequate user acquisition.

To give an idea of how much user acquisition is crucial in the marketing and advertising system, in 2021 the money spent in UA were 522.50 billions of dollars and it was predicted to hit 626.86 by the end of 2023.

And so let’s look deep inside at what the UA for mobile apps is: user acquisition indicates the whole group of activities related to promoting and advertising an app to acquire potential new users.

Essentially, there’s two user acquisition ways, organic and paid: the organic user acquisition consists in promoting the app focusing on App Store Optimization (APO), improving app’s ranking in the app store; paid user acquisition instead consists in buying ads directly to increase app’s user.  

What are the main user acquisition channels

The difference in organic and paid user acquisition is cleared out looking at the various channel in which you can advertise your mobile app: 


  • Owned media: the totality of every company’s channel such as website, blog, forum, email and so on; in general the whole group of channels where the control is in the company’s own hands; (organic) 
  • ASO: app store optimization, improving your app’s ranking within the app store by working on app store assets such as description, images, keywords, etc. (organic)
  • Social: social media are channels where user acquisition can either be obtained in the organic way (make your app popular sharing posts and branded content) and in the paid way (you can let your posts be sponsored in the social by paying a fee)  
  • Influencer: paying an influencer to promote the app with all the followers of the channel/page/ account so to have access to new user acquisition 
  • Affiliate and programmatic ad platforms: companies which take care of user acquisition by running install campaigns. Affiliate networks run such campaigns through other sources while programmatic companies like DSP’s promote apps using their own tech platform.

Why do you need user acquisition 

User acquisition for your mobile app is pivotal, it is fundamental to attract as much attention as possible and convert new users into paying users. Without an appropriate UA (user acquisition), the amount of interest and conversions that you’ll receive from a business point of view would be seriously limited. 

It’s also a cost-effective form of advertising, where you can pay only for concrete results. Compared to TV or other forms of traditional advertising, mobile user acquisition can employ CPI or CPA models, where advertisers pay only for installs or post-install events. 

This way, they can avoid wasting money only to show people some ads, you can grow your user base targeting high quality users so that they will probably generate in-app revenue and so become paying subscribers, growing the business;  


Furthermore, mobile DSPs which run programmatic app campaigns, can often leverage ML algorithms to further optimize ad spend towards specific metrics like ROI 

How Mapendo can help you with user acquisition 

In your goal to get a strong user acquisition for your mobile app, Mapendo is what you are looking for: we are a fully managed demand-side platform for CPI and CPA app campaigns.

We buy ad placements from premium ad exchanges and optimize traffic acquisition towards high-quality users with ML algorithms and A.I., while also leveraging contextual targeting in order to reach users worldwide.  

Our platform can run multi-page creatives, such as a combination of video and playable ads, and automatically switch assets within dynamic creatives to improve ROI. 

Since we’re a fully managed DSP, our team will take care of the campaigns from start to end, they’ll only need goals, creatives and the integration with MMPs. 

Final thoughts

Do you want to advertise your mobile app? Do you want to build a community of in-app users and generate revenues? You need to create a robust user acquisition’s strategy and entrust a DSP who can fully manage every detail for you, so that you can sit and discover how many more people will get in touch with your mobile app: and in Mapendo we can fully deal with your app’s user acquisition.

Contact Mapendo if you want to try our platform to grow your app and increase your ROI!