How Do Demand Side Platforms Help Advertisers Buy Ad Space More Efficiently?

Mapendo Team
June 13, 2022
How Do Demand Side Platforms Help Advertisers Buy Ad Space More Efficiently?

When compared to manually buying advertising space, advertisers benefit greatly from using mobile DSP (demand side platforms) to execute their app install campaigns. There are many positives to demand side platforms that contribute to it being a key player in the online advertising ecosystem. Read on as we highlight the top 5 benefits that we associate with using a mobile DSP.

The 5 Benefits of Using a Demand Side Platform 

  1. Real-time, automated bidding

RTB, for starters, streamlines and automates the media buying and selling process. While the user is loading the website, the entire process of analyzing the ad impression offered and bidding on that impression (taking target, budget and value into account) takes milliseconds.

  1. Performance based pricing model

DSPs are usually performance-based, working with CPI & CPA, optimizing the app install campaigns towards those two goals. This means that advertisers pay only for concrete results they get delivered such as installs or actions. Not only that, but this payout can be either fixed or variable depending on the mobile DSPs.

  1. Reach and selection of inventory

Another significant benefit is the aggregation of supplies on a single platform. Advertisers can reach a wider selection of publishers through a demand side platform than they could on their own, resulting in a more broad and global ad inventory. This inventory is frequently classified by several qualities, allowing a brand to pick and choose where they want their ads to appear. This is critical for brands who value the ability to select a secure location for their advertising.

  1. Analytics, reporting, and optimization

Advertisers appreciate the capacity of mobile DSPs to view the results of their ad campaigns in a single dashboard. This provides advertisers and agencies with more data to act on and enhance their ads so that they are more relevant and valuable to their target audience.

  1. User targeting 

All of the information gathered by the demand side platform concerning user behavior is used to improve targeting, ad rotation, and remarketing capabilities. Advertisers can reach the users they need across all digital properties if they have a robust user targeting capability.


It is without saying that demand side platforms are key players in the Online Advertising Ecosystem. Having a single platform that automates the ad buying process through real-time bidding has improved marketers' ability to reach their desired audience across a wider range of publisher sites unlike anything ever seen before.

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