The Benefits Of Mobile Programmatic (And Why You Need It In Your App User Acquisition Strategy)

Mapendo Team
May 30, 2022
The Benefits Of Mobile Programmatic (And Why You Need It In Your App User Acquisition Strategy)

When developing an app user acquisition strategy, there are several aspects to keep in mind, and the choice of the right marketing channel surely is one of these.

Two of the most common marketing channels for an app install campaign are mobile programmatic and affiliate marketing, which work in different ways to reach potential users — especially aiming at high-quality users — and scale the app installs.

Here we are going to see what mobile programmatic is, why it is so important in any mobile app user acquisition strategy and explore the advantages you will get for your app install campaign from using mobile programmatic.

What Is Mobile Programmatic

Mobile programmatic is the automated buying and selling of ad inventory. This process is negotiated by the two sides involved — DSP (Demand Side Platform) and SSP (Supply Side Platform) — and has always existed. The main difference is that it was previously carried out manually, while with mobile programmatic it is done through the use of machine learning algorithms and AI.

Machine learning algorithms are crucial in the process of app user acquisition: to achieve this, they analyze data, learn from them, and then target users on the basis of different variables (location, operating system, or the type of internet connection, for example).

So, with mobile programmatic, you can decide which ads to show and hide, aiming at those users who are more likely to interact with the ad, install the app, and generate in-app revenues — aka high-quality users.

The other choice you may opt for in your app install campaign, is affiliate marketing, an alternative marketing channel, in which the advertiser has to pay the affiliate only for traffic that leads to conversions. Still, we want to highlight here the reasons why mobile programmatic may be the key in your app user acquisition campaign in 2022, supporting the app install campaign optimization and acquisition of high-quality users.

The Advantages Of Using Mobile Programmatic For Your App Install Campaign

First of all, mobile programmatic is a fully automated and data-driven process, and as such it guarantees efficiency, accuracy, and full transparency about where ads are shown.

As mobile programmatic relies on machine learning algorithms to buy and sell ad inventory, it helps advertisers save time as, before this model, they had to manually negotiate with the owner of an ad space and reach a deal.

Nowadays, with mobile programmatic, it is easier for advertisers to create an app install campaign and a well-developed app user acquisition strategy, also with bigger volumes and even more accurately, and reach a wider audience with less spending and increasing the app install campaign ROAS.

Another crucial advantage in your app user acquisition coming from mobile programmatic is the targeting power it ensures, thanks to the use of machine learning algorithms, which is crucial in aiming at high-quality users. Algorithms analyze a huge amount of data — allowing you to save time and money — and predict future results accurately.

This is important in app user acquisition because it allows you to hit the right users at the right time, meaning delivering ads that are more and more personalized and targeted for users. This is also a way for you to get high-quality users, those that may be more interested in your app — which is a central aspect to consider in app install campaign optimization and in increasing the app install campaign ROAS.

Lastly, another benefit of mobile programmatic for your app user acquisition, is the fact that it supports the scalability of any app install campaign: indeed, if compared to affiliate marketing, mobile programmatic definitely helps scale install volumes.

To sum up, the main advantages of adopting mobile programmatic in your app user acquisition are:

  • Efficiency, transparency, and accuracy — as mobile programmatic is a fully automated and data-driven process relying on machine learning algorithms;
  • Benefits for your app user acquisition strategy: reaching a wider audience while still being profitable and with no losses;
  • Better targeting ability and personalized ads for your users: with machine learning algorithms, you can target high-quality users according to pre-set variables;
  • App install campaign optimization and ROAS boost;
  • Higher app install campaign scalability.

So, in brief, we can say that mobile programmatic is a key tool when working for the app install campaign optimization, the creation of a good app user acquisition strategy, and the targeting of high-quality users.

Mobile programmatic definitely is a cost-efficient marketing campaign that allows you to invest your app install campaign budget better and earn more.