The Best Mobile DSPs for App Marketing in 2023: a Revolutionary Road

Elena Strappato
February 17, 2023
The Best Mobile DSPs for App Marketing in 2023: a Revolutionary Road

When it comes to user acquisition techniques, what has radically reshaped the process of ad buying and selling is an evolving technology you need to have a handle on to fierce the competition in mobile app marketing.


Mobile DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) as powerful automation tools utilizing artificial intelligence have optimized and revolutionized the advertising ecosystem. This article is aimed to explore the world of best mobile DSPs for app marketing as a fundamental part of the digital environment you cannot leave behind.

Mobile DSPs for app marketing: a key to progress


Let’s get started with a simple question: what is a Demand Side Platform?


Within the context of mobile app marketing, it is essential for app developers to cooperate with the right partners and actors to promote their apps and acquire new users through marketing activities and advertising strategies.


Mobile DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) are those powerful automation tools enabling advertisers to manage data exchange accounts in one single interface and to purchase ad inventory made available by publishers. To put it simply, a Demand Side Platform is an operating system that allows advertisers to buy advertising space through a fully automated and real-time process.

Mobile DSPs manage ad exchanges between two main actors, app publishers and app developers (or advertisers) – where the latter have access to the publisher’s ad inventory and impressions. Then, mobile DSPs for app marketing will evaluate and decide which impressions suit most advertisers’ needs.


Automation in mobile DSPs for app marketing: ad buying on autopilot


Once mobile DSPs have filtered the most suitable impressions for advertisers based on their criteria and ideal target audience, advertisers can start to bid on ads and optimize their performance metrics. If you are new to the game, you may not know that such a process relies on automatic and real-time bids for ad impressions. Everything happens in less than a fraction of a second.


What makes epic and groundbreaking the process of ad placement, ad buying, and selling is that mobile DSPs for app marketing allow advertisers to comb through several real-time bidding exchanges, enabling programmatic advertising.


Before the advent of DSPs and programmatic advertising, any negotiation between publishers and advertisers was mediated only by a manual workforce which tended to slow down the process and increase the workload.


Conversely, it is down to AI and machine learning that programmatic advertising can guarantee a fully automated media-buying process where advertisers can separate audience data, identify the most suitable ad placements, and run real-time auctions.


Best mobile DSPs retrieve a wealth of information both on audience segments and the ads worth buying from publishers. On the other hand, publishers need another platform that puts on sale their ad spaces. SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) and DSPs work together to manage the process on both actors’ sides.

Strengths in Mobile DSPs for app marketing


Transparency, time efficiency, and precise targeting are probably the three keywords to understand why you cannot do without mobile DSPs for app marketing. 


Best mobile DSPs do offer you the best quality of ads and transparency. They allow advertisers to check on ad placements, track their performance, and look out for potential fraud. Advertisers can also choose not to display their ads on specific apps or even ban whole app categories. However, one must bear in mind that not all DSPs may have the right tools to detect fraud. Buying ad impressions online can always be a bit risky. 


Moreover, since ad buying goes online, the process is entirely automated and simplified. As a consequence, all the actors involved will have saved valuable time and money. Some DSPs may be costly, but we cannot forget that advertisers are also allowed to track their performance in real-time and avoid wasting money on the least productive ad placements.  


Finally, best mobile DSPs can collect precise data ensuring precise targeting operations that will result in more specific ads and higher conversions. 


Keep calm and ask Mapendo: a solution to mobile DSPs for app marketing


After reviewing the most consistent features regarding mobile DSPs for app marketing, we can come closer to the subject by bringing up a concrete example of how mobile DSPs work. 


Mapendo is a tech platform working as a fully managed DSP to promote user acquisition for Shopping Apps, Fintech Apps, and Mobile Games and optimize app install campaigns. As a leader in mobile app marketing, Mapendo has helped thousands of companies optimize their user acquisition strategy to drive the best results. 


By leveraging proprietary machine learning technology and AI, we help advertisers boost their high-quality users while generating large volumes of install and post-install events. Our machine learning algorithms optimize app install campaigns towards in-app events like purchases, subscriptions, or other KPIs to generate revenues. 


Moreover, we integrate with multiple Real Time Bidding Exchanges, where we buy ad placements programmatically and ensure real-time auctions. Then, our team examines your creatives supply and conducts A/B testing to spot the most effective ones. 


Among our priorities, there is transparency and user privacy. For this reason, we rely on anti-fraud tools to guarantee that the traffic we buy is clean and brand safe.

Such keywords to success in mobile app marketing – transparency, time efficiency, and precise targeting – are our first principles.